Presentation Guidelines


On-Screen presentations

Presenters should prepare a computer presentation for on-screen display. This should be submitted via email in Microsoft PowerPoint format no later than 14 August.

If you wish to include media other than PowerPoint presentations slides, for example video clips, this will need to be agreed with the World Nuclear Association prior to 14 August. If necessary World Nuclear Association will provide FTP or other file-sharing details to allow very large files to be sent to us. Please note that presentations will be made available to delegates as static pdf files.

Preparing presentations

Speakers should ensure that presentation slides are suitable for viewing in the conference hall. If the presentations submitted  are not suitable speakers will be asked to revise them. 

Presentations are controlled by a 'clicker' that allows for presenters to move forward or backward from slide to slide. Presenters do not have access to a laptop or keyboard during the presentation.

Oral presentation

To ensure the smooth running of the Symposium the time allocated for your presentation must not be exceeded. Session Chairs will be asked to ensure that speakers keep to their allotted time, typically 12-15 minutes. Speakers will be expected to participate in Q&A sessions unless agreed otherwise.

Approval and distribution of presentations

Symposium presentations and any additional material submitted will be checked by World Nuclear Association for clarity and consistency, and in some cases may be subject to legal review to ensure anti-trust compliance. Presenters will be consulted if changes are necessary.

Please note that the World Nuclear Association will assume non-exclusive rights to distribute all presentations. Presentations will be made available to delegates online and speakers will be asked to consent to the distribution of video or audio recordings of their presentation. 

If you need any further information regarding your presentation, please contact Jonathan Cobb.