2019 Workplace Health & Safety Conference


Safety Services Nova Scotia welcomes your interest in presenting at the 2019 Workplace Health and Safety Conference, April 15 - 16, 2019.

Deadline for Applications: October 31st, 2018


Most delegates are from Nova Scotia. They vary in education, job title, years in the workplace, and knowledge of health and safety issues. Age range is mainly 40-60, with a growing contingent in their 20s and 30s, including supervisors. Male-female participation varies but can be up to 70% male, 30% female.

Most industry categories and types of organizations are represented among the delegation. Small, medium, and large-sized companies, organizations, and government departments send delegates—many are safety committee members, supervisors, or managers.


Speakers should demonstrate knowledge of, and experience in, dealing with health and safety issues in manufacturing, health care, resource-based industries, or government departments. A combination of education (certificates, designations) and work experience in a health and safety position is desirable.

Speakers should have subject matter expertise on their session topic and prior public speaking experience.

Speakers must specify on the application any persons they wish to have approved as co-presenters.


Topic Streams:

• Standards and Legislation

• Health and Wellness

• Innovation and Research

• Best Practices

• Mental Health/PTSD

• Safety Basics

• Corporate Road Safety

Speakers should discuss their chosen topic in relation to one or more of the following:

• New research and best practices
• Innovative new technologies
• New methods for training, motivation, safety program design, implementation, and maintenance
• New or forthcoming legislation and standards
• “How we did it” — personal stories from workplaces re: how they achieved their safety goals
• Life following an injury—lessons learned

SSNS accepts presentations directed at all audience levels of experience but has an ongoing need for new and challenging content for the experienced safety professional. This is defined as someone with a health and safety designation and several years in a safety-related position.


• Sessions, 1 hour (including time for activity or Q&A)
• Workshops, 2 hours plus scheduled break

Electronic slide presentations are still most commonly used but other presentation methods are strongly encouraged to engage the audience. Props, quizzes, appropriate humor, videos, and group exercises are welcome.

Sample Presentation Details to be Included in Submission:
• Title: Joint OHS Committees
• Topic Stream: Innovation and research
• Topic Sub-Stream: New research
• Level: Designed for persons with intermediate knowledge of health and safety issues
• Format: 1 hour (includes time for activity or Q&A)


SSNS will pay reasonable travel expenses (economy airfare, mileage) for non-local speakers. Expenses must be estimated at the time of application. Speakers will not be reimbursed for expenses not previously agreed upon. Our speaker policy for expenses includes:

Airfare as per the following caps billed on actual amounts
  • Travel within Atlantic Canada to Halifax, N.S. – up to $500.00 return including mileage for those travelling by car billed at $0.40/km.
  • Travel from Central Canada to Halifax, N.S. – up to $500.00 return
  • Travel from Western Canada to Halifax N.S. – up to $750.00 return
  • Travel from US to Halifax, NS – up to $750.00 return

One-night hotel accommodations for non-local speakers. Additional accommodations will be considered pending the number of presentations involved and/or travel time required to facilitate conference commitments.FREE registration to the conference on the day of the presentation.

Parking for local speakers on request.

Accommodate speakers’ food allergies, medical conditions, or other special considerations as identified. Speakers who require some type of assistance must discuss their requirements at the time of hiring.

Note - SSNS does not purchase speaker books or DVDs but will consider their sale during the conference. Books should be motivational or personal experience (e.g., a story of injury survival). A book sale agreement must be completed when the speaker is hired.  Download Speaker Expense Policy