2019 Workplace Health & Safety Conference

MC & Keynote Speakers

In addition to our three Keynote Speakers, we have Patrick Ledwell joining the team this year as our MC for the conference.

Patrick Ledwell - Master of Ceremonies

Patrick’s quick-witted comedy has brought him national recognition with regular appearances on CBC’s “The Debaters.” His signature East Coast style, accompanied with hilarious visuals, has made him a popular host for regional and national organizations. He is delighted to be the host of the 37 Annual Workplace Health & Safety Conference at Halifax Convention Centre in April 2019. He’ll be your conference comedy concierge!

Raised on PEI, Patrick Ledwell draws on his experiences growing up in an Island family and the funny trials of staying true to his roots. He successfully delayed entering the workplace with degrees in literature and technology. After six years of teaching college, he had built up enough casual days (and e-mail nights) to supply more than enough material for a comedy career. Patrick has co-created several original stage shows. He hosted and wrote all comedy material for the hit Charlottetown Festival show, “Come All Ye.” He also appeared in two productions of “The New Potato-Time Review.” Patrick has been a featured performer at the Halifax and Moncton Comedy Festivals. His book I Am an Islander was published in 2012, with a new collection released in 2015.

Alvin Law, CSP, HoF

Alvin’s mission is to spark a worldwide Attitude Revolution. A professional speaker for over 30 years, he uses his story to challenge and inspire people to rewrite the negative stories they tell themselves about themselves; to stop feeling like victims in their lives and get proactive; to stop making excuses and start making choices. Over 7,500 corporations, organizations and groups on five continents have used Alvin to ignite, engage and transform their people. Born with no arms as a result of the drug Thalidomide, Alvin was adopted by a family who taught him to use his feet for hands ¬ and who by doing so gave him the gift of freedom. In addition to being a professional speaker, he is a trained broadcaster, fundraiser, award-winning musician and bestselling author.

TOPIC: Safety Counts Because Everybody Counts

Alvin Law has been challenging perceptions and attitudes his entire life. As one of Canada’s first Thalidomide Babies due to a drug from the early 1960’s used to treat morning-sickness in expectant women. The drug company claimed it was safe; the testing process was almost non-existent; and the result was thousands of lives irreversibly damaged by something that could have easily been prevented. But that was then. Focus on safety in the workplace has been around a long time but it still faces resistance by some workers as being a “waste of time” or something else cooked up by the human resources department to get in the way of my job. Well, if you ask Alvin Law, maybe the Good Old Days weren’t really so good. We live in a new and uncharted world where things like our attitude towards our job really matters and Alvin Law should know. He may not be a safety expert but he is certified in life, one that hasn’t always been easy. His message is simple…attitude makes a difference and he is living proof.

Gair Maxwell

Gair didn’t follow a safe or conventional path to get where he is today… not since the day he was fired from a two-decade career, with the news plastered on the front page of his hometown paper. Few back then would have bet a plug nickel that he would rise from the unemployment line and become an internationally-recognized author, speaker and entrepreneur. His story is one of going from flat broke to flat out successful; earning national awards from high level CEO organizations and sharing conference stages with business superstars such as Richard Branson and Gene Simmons. If nothing else, Gair has the hard-earned cred from investing 10,000+ hours learning how to reinvent, recreate and blaze trails of one’s own making. A former broadcaster, Gair racked up more than 10,000 interviews and 30,000 broadcasts in a two-decade radio and television career. The son of a former pro golfer, Gair struggles to break 90, grooves on ’80s classic rock and became a lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the ’70s. Like we said, the path he follows leans sharply to the unconventional…

TOPIC: The Knowing Doing G.A.P.

Cross the Intention Bridge between Talk & Action and Avoid Accidents Waiting to Happen.

It’s NEVER a lack of knowledge that squashes great ideas, kills momentum and stops people and organizations dead in their tracks. Not when we’re choking each day on readily available knowledge with 90% of all the information in the world created in the last two years alone. So why do so many of us fail to pull the trigger on big, small and often necessary changes we all want to make in our lives, companies or careers? Is there a secret to consistently cross that metaphorical bridge between Talk and Action? A proven way to link the best of our intentions to the completion of our best work? Based on a 2006 global experiment involving 32,000 subjects, Gair Maxwell reveals why THE KNOWING-DOING G.A.P. exists and how to close it with new mind-to-muscle patterns that inspire growth, initiative and renewed purpose for one’s cause, company or personal mission. No more excuses. No more inertia or irrational fears. Just deliberate steps and a simple framework to unleash untapped organizational power and human potential that often lies dormant in all of us.

Sponsored by: Presenting Sponsors Labour & Advanced Education and WCB Nova Scotia.


Meg Soper

Meg Soper is a leading motivational humorist speaker for organizations in North America. She has a unique perspective, combining the insights and experiences of her last thirty years spent as a Registered Nurse, stand-up comedian, and ultimately a motivational speaker. A veteran performer, she got her start at various comedy clubs across Canada, and over the years shared the stage with many leading comedy acts including Ray Romano and Ellen Degeneres. Her experiences as a staff nurse and operating room nurse in major urban teaching hospitals and regional healthcare facilities shaped her perspective. It taught her how humor can help us effectively deal with stressful situations in our personal and professional lives. It seemed natural for Meg to combine her talents, and so, she became a leading motivational humorist who helps organizations manage change and create a more positive workplace environment.

TOPIC: “Bring it on…Strategies to Create a Positive Workplace”

It’s simple: we need to be effective communicators, whether on the front line or in a leadership role. Workplace and personal challenges call for effective communication or bust. ‘Bring It On … Strategies to Create a Positive Workplace’ is a high energy, interactive presentation where Meg examines how emotions, perceptions, and preconceived ideas can impact our day-to-day interactions with others – especially across the generations. In this interactive presentation Meg offers a lighthearted and practical perspective on creating and maintaining a positive workplace environment. She reminds us that we create that positive environment when we mentor, support, and inspire the people on our team.