2019 Workplace Health & Safety Conference

CRSP Exam Preparatory Course

Prince George Hotel in Halifax
April  13 & 14, 2019

with Dr. Peter Strahlendorf,  
B.Sc., LL.B., B.E.S., LL.M., SJD, CRSP, CSP

If you are an occupational health and safety professional with 3 or more years of experience, you may be eligible for the CRSP designation (one year for the CRST). There are now over 6,000 CRSPs in Canada. Employers value the CRST/CRSP as evidence of professional status and experience. The CRST/CRSP is awarded by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals. Please check the BCRSP website www.bcrsp.ca for details of eligibility and for the application forms to become a CRST/CRSP.

Course Content
This two-day course prepares participants for the CRST/CRSP exam that is offered several times a year by the BCRSP. The CRST and CRSP exams cover the same 9 subject matters and use the same BCRSP study guides. The difference is the emphasis on the topics on the exam varies ... more on safety and less on management for the CRST. You can take the course with or without having first applied to the BCRSP. Some people take the course as a last minute review and others in order to develop a study plan. It is now advisable to take the course several months before the exam date. We cover:

  • the process of applying to the BCRSP
  • studying strategies
  • techniques for answering multiple choice questions
  • what to do on the day of the exam
  • sample questions from the 9 BCRSP study guides

Participants receive manuals containing over 4500 study questions. Other CRST/CRSP prep materials summarize the study guides and therefore lose detail, and so are insufficient preparation. The 4500 study questions cover the details in the study guides. Participants also receive a Certificate of Attendance which is worth 2 professional development points in the application to BCRSP.

Dr. Peter Strahlendorf has presented this course to many hundreds of people across Canada since 1993 in cities all across Canada. This is the most widely used CRST/CRSP course in Canada. Most current CRSPs took this course.

Course Fee and Registration
The CRSP Prep course is $700, plus HST/GST of the province where the course is held. Discount is available ($600 cost per person) if 3 or more people are from the same organization.

To register and pay on-line go to www.iqsem.ca

The Halifax course will be held at the Prince George Hotel. You can benefit from the conference group rate. See Hotel tab for more information.