2018 Textile Sustainability Conference
Philip Attard
Gostwyck Partners
During the past 18 years, Philip has focused the development at Gostwyck towards increasing animal health and welfare and soil and pasture health. Born in Malta and has lived in Australia since 1974. Philip spent 33 years in IT before moving to the family farm, where a major infrastructure change was made to ensure that pastures were rested, stock received fresh pastures every few days and clean water. Mulesing was stopped in 2005. Animal and soil health continue to improve and pasture growth has increased 40% plus, thus increasing productivity. The wool type is now itch free ultrafine merino. It is used in Babywear. (www.henryandgrace.com )He is Chairman of Practical Systems, an Agricultural software company of 25 years experience, the Managing Partner of Gostwyck Partners and Managing Director of Gostwyck Group.
Roian Atwood
Director of Sustainability
Roian Atwood is the Director of Sustainability for Wrangler, Lee, Redkap, Bulwark FR, and Horace Small. Atwood leads brand sustainability strategy, engages suppliers globally to drive greater social and environmental performance, and works cross functionally with product development and marketing to create more sustainable products and share brand relevant stories. With fifteen years’ experience in footwear & apparel sustainability, his diverse project management experience includes implementing renewables and energy efficiency measures to project managing materials innovation pilots and leading teams into an action-oriented, results driven approach to corporate sustainability. Atwood’s undergraduate work was in Complex Systems with Naropa University, and he holds a Master’s of Environmental Management from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.
Mattias Bodin
Business Sustainability Expert
Mattias Bodin has worked for H&M since 2003 managing areas such as restricted substances, quality assurance, regulatory product compliance, product safety and material environmental impact. Mattias is today based at the Global Sustainability Department at the Head Office in Sweden but has previously spent several years in China and Bangladesh and worked with the supply chain. Mattias main focus today is to secure the evaluation of material’s environmental profile and traceability and to engage the company with material and process innovations that are needed to achieve its 2030 goal of only using recycled or other sustainably sourced materials. Mattias holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
Julie Brown
Director, Higg Index
Sustainable Apparel Coalition
Julie is on the Product Team at the SAC and is responsible for building and maintaining product-related Higg Index tools, expanding data coverage, and improving data quality for Higg. This entails collaborating with SAC members, NGOs, governments, academic experts, contractors and the SAC staff to collect and disseminate data through Higg in ways that make sense to various member audiences. The focus is on building transparency into the environmental impacts produced in the footwear, apparel, and home textile supply chains. Julie is a serious pianist and taught piano to students of all ages and levels for seven years. She also holds a commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating.
Holly Browne
Head of Sustainable Product and Story
Holly Browne is the Head of Sustainable Product and Story at MADE-BY where she oversees the UK and US Markets. As part of her role she works on the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, a UK commitment engaging with 60% of the UK Clothing sector to reduce the carbon, waste and water footprints of clothing they supply or receive in the UK by 15%, starting from a baseline year of 2012 as well as on other key client relationships, specialising in work around brand strategies, products, sustainable fibres and circularity. Prior to joining MADE-BY Holly had 11 years of experience within fashion brands and held positions in Sustainability and Compliance at Thomas Pink and Ted Baker. She holds a BA (Hons) IND in Fashion Design from the University of Leeds.
Binay Choudhury
Control Union - India
Binay has over 12 years experience managing teams and is a dynamic sustainability expert in textile, feed, food and agricultural both in research and business activities. Binay has been involved in the research and field development of organic formulation related to aquaculture, poultry, food and ruminants, receiving various awards and patent related to the development and process of such. Experience in Integrated management System(ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2008, ISO-50001), Binay has extensive knowledge on dyes, auxiliary and processing aid with respect to Bluesign, Reach, Oekotex, GOTS and successfully management of chemical business in control union to new heights. Binay is an active member of various government committees. He holds various advisory roles and has presented at international forum such as TE, GOTS, Bremen Government, SAC, Various government projects. He has been awarded several national and international awards, fellowship for research and is involved as advisor for various forum. As a certification expert, he has audited more than 500 farms and 1000 textile projects related to organic cotton in various countries.
Betty Cortina-Weiss
Textile Exchange
Betty is a South Florida- and New York City-based strategic communications and content expert. She has worked for and managed creative teams and projects at some the country’s top media properties, including People, Entertainment Weekly, O, The Oprah Magazine, Latina, NBC and more. She has created content for print and video platforms, and worked extensively in sustainability and corporate responsibility communications. She worked on the creation of Anvil Knitwear’s award-winning TrackMyT website, a digital tool that traced children’s apparel, from farm all the way to consumer. She developed all of its original content and guided its creative direction. In addition, she was instrumental in the production of Anvil’s award-winning CSR report. She is currently working with Textile Exchange on the development of key strategic marketing and communications messages, and an overall strategic communications plan for 2018 and beyond, including branded content and an editorial calendar. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Florida, and an Associates Degree in Culinary Science from Johnson & Wales.  
Maurizio Crippa
gr3n Recycling
Maurizio Crippa, PhD in Materials Science, CEO, founder and inventor of the gr3n technology. I worked many years in academia developing organic materials for opto-electronic, conductive polymers and hybrid inorganic materials for different applications. My interests are focused on providing technological solutions to solve environmental issues.  
Jesse Daystar
Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer
Cotton Incorporated
Dr. Jesse Daystar is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Cotton Incorporated, an Instructor at the Duke Nicholas School of the Environment, and an adjunct Assistant Professor in Forest Biomaterials at North Carolina State University. He is an expert in life cycle analysis as it is applied to sustainability. He received a PhD in Forest Biomaterials and a BS in Paper Science and Engineering and a BS in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University.
Austin Dickerson
Research Analyst
World Resources Institute
Austin Dickerson is a Research Analyst in WRI’s Business Center. He focuses on sustainable consumption within the private sector.
Frederic Dreux
R&D Prestige Packaging Leader
Dr. Frederic Dreux holds a PhD in Chemistry (Polymer Science) and a post graduate in packaging technology from The University of Loughborough (UK). With 15 years of experience in packaging R&D, he has occupied different roles in different segments and categories of Fast moving good company Unilever. As team leader of the material and innovation team, a Unilever R&D cross category capability, he has developed a recognized expertise in Circular economy for packaging and polymeric materials in both mechanical recycling but also chemical recycling. He received a World Star Packaging award in 2016 for implementation of AERO technology in Dove Shower gel bottle (Mucell foaming technology application to HDPE bottle). Further recent technology releases from his team, include easy out technology for Hellmann’s mayonnaise and first injection compression stack tool for margarine tub, also contributing to sustainability. He has recently been appointed as Prestige Brand R&D packaging leader in Unilever bringing innovation and developing sustainability packaging agenda in the fast-growing personal care brand from Unilever.
Deborah Drew
Research Analyst
World Resources Institute
Deborah is the Research Analyst for the Business Center at WRI. She concentrates on sustainable consumption, SDGs, and alternative business models. In a previous position at WRI, Deborah was the Project Coordinator and Research Analyst for the Climate Briefing Service within the Climate Program at WRI. She worked to coordinate outreach and programmatic areas for the project in the lead up to the Paris Agreement. Her professional and academic concentration has focused on business’ role in environmental stewardship, peacebuilding, and social change. Prior to joining WRI, she worked for the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, a corporate social responsibility non-profit working to improve factory safety in Bangladesh’s Ready-Made Garment industry. In addition, Deborah has experience working in Kenya on development projects and peacebuilding. Deborah holds a MA in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University in Washington, DC and a BA in History and French from Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI.  
Jill Dumain
bluesign technologies
Jill Dumain stepped into the role of CEO at bluesign technologies in January of 2017. She has been a strong advocate and supporter of bluesign since its inception in 2000 and paved the way for Patagonia to be the first brand member. Jill held various senior positions at Patagonia in a career including textile research and development and environmental strategy for more than 27 years. She has also held leadership and board positions at the Organic Exchange, Textile Exchange and the Sustainability Working Group at the Outdoor Industry Association. She was the Chairwoman of bluesign technologies’ Advisory Board from 2011-2017. Throughout her career, Jill has traveled extensively globally giving her a chance to interface with many different types of companies throughout the supply chain committed to performance in textiles and environmental responsibility in the industry.
Karin Ekberg
Leadership & Sustainability
Karin has more than 30 years of international consulting and industry experience, based out of Switzerland, Brazil, Sweden, and Germany and with extended business projects mainly in North America, China and other countries in Asia. Karin has spent five years in the position as Head of Environmental Services at adidas Group, establishing and maintaining group-wide environmental strategies and programs for group and brands. Furthermore, Karin has had the role of Chair of the Board of Directors at the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (2012-2013). Karin has also been engaged during the set-up and first years of the ZDHC, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, taking on several leadership roles within the ZDHC collaboration. Karin has a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers, Gothenburg.  
John Frazier
Senior Technical Director
Hohenstein Institute America
John Frazier serves as the Senior Technical Director for the Hohenstein Institute of America working with brands, manufacturers, and chemical companies to develop tools that enable more sustainable manufacturing of apparel and footwear. Prior to Hohenstein, John served as the Senior Director of Chemistry for Nike, working on greener chemistry, water stewardship, and product innovation. John also has served on the advisory boards for the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute (ACS-GCI), the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3), and Northwest Green Chemistry (NGC).  
Dale Galvin
Managing Director, Sustainable Markets and Impact Investing
Dale Galvin is the Managing Director, Sustainable Markets and Impact Investing at Rare, as well as Managing Member of the Meloy Fund, an impact investment fund for sustainable coastal fisheries. In these roles, Dale oversees the deployment of new market-facing initiatives, strategic partnerships and innovative financial mechanisms with the private and public sectors, designed to catalyze the adoption of sustainable behaviors in our major focal areas of sustainable seafood, water and agriculture. In that latter focal area, Dale oversees Rare’s work promoting climate-smart sustainable agriculture in China. Before taking on this new position, Dale spent over a decade as Rare’s Chief Operating Officer, where he oversaw all institutional conservation programs, as well as finance, operational functions, and helped grow the organization at more than 20% per annum. Prior to Rare, Dale held a variety of management roles including Chief Financial Officer of PA Consulting Group North America, and the CEO of two startups, accumulating over 20 years of management experience. Dale holds a B.A. in Economics with distinction from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from the MIT Sloan School of Management.
Shelly Gottschamer
Chief Sustainability Officer
Shelly Gottschamer is Chief Sustainability Officer at Outerknown, a mission-driven clothing company making a positive impact for people and planet. A master tailor and supply chain expert, Gottschamer travels the world finding partners that meet Outerknown’s rigorous environmental and business standards. She counts Levi Strauss & Co, Crocs and Patagonia as past clients, but seized the opportunity to work with Outerknown and building a sustainable brand from the ground up. A champion of sustainability and ethical manufacturing in the apparel sector, Gottschamer shepherded Outerknown through the Fair Labor Association accreditation process and led the brand as an early signatory to the Social & Labor Convergence Project—a confluence of brands, manufacturers and audit firms working to build a standard assessment framework to reduce audit fatigue. Gottschamer has shared her knowledge and expertise as an advisor and mentor of Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability, and the Outdoor Industry Alliance Skip Yowell Future Leadership Program.  
Tim Greiner
Co-founder and Managing Director
Pure Strategies
Timothy J. Greiner, Pure Strategies' Co-Founder and Managing Director, specializes in building environmental and social integrity into products, brands, and businesses. Mr. Greiner consults with domestic and oversees manufacturers, socially responsible business, and environmental advocacy groups. Tim is currently working on building sustainability into corporate and brand strategy and sits on several Sustainability Consortium committees. Current and former clients include Seventh Generation, The North Face Timberland, Stonyfield Farm, US EPA, NRDC, Walmart, Millipore, and Dell. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and masters degrees in Environmental Policy and Business from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a founding member of the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Planners Association and a former Board member and President. He is also founder of the Cape Ann Climate Change Network and is a Research Associate at the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. Tim has work experience in industry as a Process Engineer for Fairchild Semiconductor. He also worked for the Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) as Project Director and Chief Engineer.
Kelsey Halling
Director of Partnerships
Thread International
Kelsey Halling is the Director of Partnerships at Thread where she helps global apparel and footwear brands have access to the most responsible, transparent, recycled polyester supply chains on the planet. To date, Thread has launched collaborations with Timberland, Marmot, Reebok, Aerie and is in development with several more while diverting over 41 Million plastic bottles from landfills and the ocean and supporting dignified income opportunities in plastic collection in Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan.
Fukumi Hauser
Project Director
Fung Academy
Fukumi Hauser has been involved to positively impact the lives of people who work in consumer goods manufacturing field for more than 20 years. Starting in 1996 at Nike to pioneer the supply chain responsibility programs and most recently to lead the manufacturing excellence programs at Fung Academy, Fukumi designed and implemented programs to inspire people in the industry with the best practices in order that they become competitive, responsible, and sustainable. She believes every human being is capable of learning and contributing to the success of the organization, if effectively facilitated. She is an advocate for respectful and constructive communication and engagement in labor relations in building sustainable enterprise and workplaces.
Ben Mead
Managing Director
Hohenstein Institute America
Ben is the Managing Director for Hohenstein Institute Americas. In this role Ben has OEKO-TEX® responsibilities for the United States and promotes Hohenstein’s expertise as a globally recognized leader in textile research and testing. He also serves as the company’s liaison with governmental agencies, industry collaborations, and trade associations. He previously consulted with a variety of brands and industry associations including Textile Exchange and AFIRM. In those roles, Ben was responsible for content development, training, and establishing partnerships with industry leaders and experts to increase industry engagement in green chemistry and sustainable textile processing. Ben started his career working for Nike, Inc where he helped develop a restricted substances program and was also involved in implementation of both sustainable materials and water programs. Ben has degrees in Chemistry and Textile Chemistry from North Carolina State University and a certificate in Green Chemistry from the University of Washington.
Sam Moore
Ouroboros Holdings, LLC.
Dr. Sam Moore has been active in environmental and sustainability issues in the textile industry since 1980 as Research Director for Burlington Chemical Company, founder of Burlington Research Inc, Managing Director of Hohenstein Institute America and owner of Ouroboros Holdings, LLC. Dr. Moore is an adjunct professor at NC State University College of Textiles and has taught the concepts of sustainable enterprises at various Universities. His research has been targeted at understanding the impacts of textile production on society and the environment and connecting sustainable practices to improved profits for textile and apparel companies.
Jason Morrison
Pacific Institute
Jason Morrison joined the Pacific Institute in 1993 and became its president in October 2016. As president, he oversees the Institute and its activities, focusing on broadening and amplifying the organization’s reach and impact. Additionally, Jason serves as the Head of the CEO Water Mandate, an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact, and has supported the initiative since 2008 with applied research, event organization, and other services. He is also a co-founder of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), a global initiative that has developed and is now implementing a freshwater certification program to advance responsible water practices by water providers and large-scale users. He previously directed the Institute’s Corporate Sustainability Program, studying the policy implications of private sector sustainability initiatives, with a focus on freshwater-related business risks and on sustainable water management in the business community. Jason received a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of California, San Diego and a Master’s Degree in Energy and Environmental Studies from Boston University.  
La Rhea Pepper
Managing Director
Textile Exchange
La Rhea has an extensive background in the organic cotton agricultural sector as well as management and marketing. She is a 5th generation cotton farmer in Texas and her farm has been certified organic since 1991. She completed her BS in Education at Abilene Christian University in 1979 and Master of Business – Organizational Leadership in 2016. La Rhea was one of the co-founders of Organic Exchange and served as Chair of the Board until 2005 and then joined the Management Team with the Exchange.
Mark Prose
Team Manager Textile & Social Compliance
Control Union
Mark is currently Control Union’s Team Manager for two teams: Social Compliance Assessments and Textile certification. Previously, he worked in the Netherlands for CU as a Program Manager in the field of sustainable textiles, social compliance, green energy and organic and sustainable production programs. He has successfully set up companies for Control Union in Bangladesh (2011-2014) and East Africa, with offices in Tanzania and Kenya (2014-2016). He is an M.Sc. graduate in Sociology and Economics of Rural Development (Wageningen University, the Netherlands), and has worked with NGOs and businesses in South Asia, Eastern Europe and Central, Eastern and Southern Africa. Mark has served as a TE Board Member since 2005, and was elected secretary of the board in 2015.
Felix Rauer
Otto Group
Felix has worked in the environmental field for the past 10 years. At the Otto Group, he has been responsible for sustainable products, working intensively with different stakeholders. This included working together with TE on transparency and more stringent certifications around organic cotton and down. He developed the sustainable textile strategy including both a communication frame and a toolkit to rate fibers and standards and is guiding the various companies among the Otto Group to integrate sustainability into their business model. Felix is also involved into the work of the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles with a focus on chemical management and capacity development.
Sophie Saing
Project Manager
TEXAID is a collecting and sorting used-textiles company in Germany and Switzerland for over 40 years. The company is a charity private partnership between six Swiss aid organizations with an entrepreneur. To operate, TEXAID has a network of 15,000 collection bins towards Switzerland and Germany and Austria, in which 80,000 tons of garments are collected per year. At TEXAID, we are working constantly in improving our operations but also to facilitate the recycling solutions. Sophie SAING, Project manager, is working on scouting the new technologies that could be applicable to the used garments TEXAID collects. Aim is to increase the lifecycle of end of use garments and so its circularity.
Cara Smyth
GCYNC Fair Fashion Center
Cara Smyth is the Vice President of Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC), the first international institution of higher education in the United States to receive degree granting authority, and founder of the renown Fair Fashion Center (FFC). With the unique mission to facilitate the incorporation of sustainable practices into fashion, the FFC is proving the business case for sustainability by turning global issues into industry opportunities. In her role bridging the industry, academia and a sustainable future, she now serves on the Sustainability Advisory Council for MarieClaire, is a board member for Glasgow Caledonian University, Sing for Hope, and a Tribeca Disrupter.  
Francois Souchet
Lead - Make Fashion Circular
Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Francois leads Make Fashion Circular, an initiative by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation which brings together key industry stakeholders to create a circular economy for clothing. Francois joined the Foundation in 2016 as a project manager, to support the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Partners in exploring the value creation potential of the circular economy. 
Megan Stoneburner
Product Sustainability Manager
GAP Inc.
Meg currently serves as Product Sustainability Senior Manager on Gap Inc. Sustainable innovation team. In this capacity, she partners with the Gap Inc. portfolio of brands to develop brand-specific sustainability strategies and goals, in addition to building education and awareness platforms for Gap Inc. employees. She has more than 10 years of experience in product development, working in Inventory Management, Production and Sourcing of apparel and home goods, with the majority of her career working at Gap Inc. Her love for the outdoors has made her career a life mission.
Liesl Truscott
European & Materials Strategy Director
Textile Exchange
Liesl Truscott is the European and Materials Strategy Director with responsibility for developing and embedding Textile Exchange’s preferred materials program. Liesl has specialized in organic cotton and has a deep knowledge of the sector. With a first class degree in Environmental Management from the University of Newcastle in Australia, she has spent over twenty years in the fields of corporate social responsibility, occupational health and safety, and environmental management – working within both the private and public sector.
Sally Uren
Chief Executive
Forum for the Future
Sally oversees Forum’s mission to accelerate a big shift towards a sustainable future by catalysing transformational change in global systems. This involves working with global organisations, to address complex challenges in systems such as food, energy, apparel and shipping. Sally is directly involved in a number of projects at Forum including Cotton 2040, a collaboration to accelerate the mainstreaming of sustainable cotton. As well as regularly speaking at conferences and writing for publications, Sally is also an independent advisor on Advisory Boards for several global businesses. In December 2017 Sally received an OBE in the Queen’s New Years Honours List for services to sustainability in business.  
Elisabeth van Delden
Wool Communicator
Elisabeth van Delden
Elisabeth van Delden is a wool communications consultant helping wool industry businesses communicate successfully. In addition, Elisabeth runs the Wool Academy Podcast with over 20.000 downloads so far where she interviews members of the wool industry. She also writes about wool products on her Wool Lifestyle blog. With all of these activities, Elisabeth's goal is to communicate the benefits sheep and their wool have for our planet as well as for our health and wellbeing. Elisabeth studied Communications and Fashion Marketing in Berlin and London and worked for a PR agency supporting major German retailers in the area of international corporate communications. Between 2011 to 2016 Elisabeth was the Secretary General of the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO). Elisabeth lives with her husband and her Labrador in Bonn, Germany.
Alison Ward
Alison Ward is the CEO of CottonConnect, where she leads a team of 45 employees and over 700 implementing associates in India, Pakistan, China and Peru, impacting the lives of a million farming families. Alison has over 20 years of international experience in sustainability and corporate affairs, shaping system change and translating social impact programmes into commercial value within the FMCG, food and apparel sectors. With a mission to drive scalable change, Alison serves as an Advisory Board Member at Textile Exchange and on Forum for the Future’s Working Group, Cotton 2040. She also sat on the Sustainability Advisory Committee for the London Olympic Games and has been a Coach and Mentor to commercial teams at WWF and the Ethical Trade Initiative.
Marieke Weerdesteijn
Senior Policy Advisor
Dutch Textile Agreement (SER)
Marieke Weerdesteijn represents the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT), hosted by the Dutch Social and Economic Council. The AGT is an multi-stakeholder collaboration on International Responsible Business Conduct in the garments and textile sector. The ~70 companies that joined commit to continuous improvement through the process of due diligence, with specific attention to 9 themes (working conditions, to environmental themes as well as animal welfare). Prior to working for the AGT secretariat, Marieke worked with the NGO Solidaridad and as a consultant on sustainability in international value chains. https://www.internationalrbc.org/garments-textile
Andrew Wilson
Executive Director, Purpose
Andrew helps brands engage on the issues that matter. He works with companies to drive greater economic benefit, stakeholder value and positive societal impact. Andrew draws on 25 years’ experience advising business leaders on strategic approaches to sustainable growth. Prior to Edelman, he was a director at Corporate Citizenship, a global strategy consultancy specialising in sustainability. Before that he ran the Centre for Business and Society at Ashridge, the international business school. Clients include multinational companies in healthcare, property, FMCG and oil & gas. Andrew has written extensively and presented to many prestigious international conferences, helping to shape corporate behaviour and thinking in this fast-moving field.
Johan Zandbergen
Johan Zandbergen is the CEO and founder of ChainPoint. With two decades of experience, Johan Zandbergen is an expert on how technology can help companies improve the sustainability of their supply chain. As of 2018, ChainPoint is being used by 40.000 users worldwide in a variety of commodities such as minerals, cotton, food and animal feed.  
Marci Zaroff
Marci Zaroff coined the term “ECOfashion” in 1995 and is an internationally recognized ECOlifestyle expert, educator, innovator and serial ecopreneur. Founder/CEO of sustainable fashion manufacturer MetaWear, and it's regenerative cotton farm project "RESET", Marci has been instrumental in driving authenticity, environmental leadership & social justice worldwide for nearly three decades. Founder of leading lifestyle brands Under the Canopy and Farm to Home, Executive Producer of “THREAD Documentary | Driving Fashion Forward,” and Co-Founder of Good Catch Foods, BeyondBrands and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Marci also serves as a Board Member and Officer of the Organic Trade Association and the Textile Exchange (of which she was a founding member in 2002), Board Member and Advisor of Fashion Revolution USA and Cradle to Cradle's "Fashion Positive", Zaroff was a key figure in the development of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and first Fair Trade Textile Certification. Marci has received countless recognitions — including Retail Touchpoint's "Retail Innovator Award," New York Moves “Power Women Award," Fashion Group International's "Rising Star Award" and the Natural Product Industry’s “Socially Responsible Business Award”. Marci is featured in the book “ECO AMAZONS: 20 Women Who Are Transforming the World” and is a Henry Crown Fellow of The Aspen Institute. Marci 's first book "ECOrenaissance: Co-Creating A Stylish, Sexy and Sustainable World" launches August 2018 (Simon & Schuster). To learn more, visit marcizaroff.com and follow @marcizaroff on Instagram.