IMSA Forum & Expo 2017
Following are just some of the Technical Sessions planned, Please check back for the schedule and more sessions and CEU opportunities coming soon. 
Recent Developments In Traffic Signal Preemption, Where Science and Safety intersect. 1.5 hours
After 100 years, Thomas Edison Dream Battery is a Smart Transportation Reality 1 hour
Loop Detection Installation and Configuration 101 1 hour
Bike detection utilizing inductive loops 1 hour
Realistic and measurable ITS solutions to deploy bike and pedestrian priority 1.5 hours
Fiber Optic Testing & Troubleshooting using an OTDR 1.5 hours
Adaptive Traffic Signal Control - West Des Moines' Experience 1 hour
Out with the Old and In With the New - Updating a Safety Management System (SMS) into a Modern Roadway Safety Management Program 1.5 hours
Getting Started In Fiber Optics 1 hour
Basics of Optical Fiber for The ITS Technician Full-day workshop
Fiber Optics For Managers 1.5 hours
Fiber Optic Testing Demystified 1.5 hours
Arapahoe County Sign Survey 1 hour
Creating a Fiber Optic Network: How do I get Started? 1 hour
How to Apply for a FCC Radio License 1 hour
How to Establish a Travelers' Information Service Broadcast Station 1 hour
Using Advanced Transportation Controllers (ATCs) with the Application Programming Interface (API) Software 1/2-day workshop
A Technician’s Guide to Advance Transportation Control (ATC) Cabinet Technology 1.5 hours
Peer-to-Peer Communications: What is and Why Cities Benefit 1 hour
Signal Performance Measures (SPM) for Traffic Signal Maintenance 1 hour
Sign Compliance 1.5 hours
Enhancing Safety with Innovative Work Zone Technology 1.5 hours
Part I: Advanced Traffic Controller Cabinet (ATCC) Overview 1.5 hours
The Grid Can Be Unreliable, But Your Traffic Signal Backup Power Solution Can’t 1 hour
Human Centric Intersection: Reducing Pedestrian Fatality to Zero 1 hour
NCUTCD Forum 1.5 hours
Traffic Incident Management Responder Training
Advanced Networks using Fiber, Wireless and Copper Hybrid Systems 1 hour
IMSA Moderator Workshop 1.5 hours
Federal Highway Administration Update 1 hour