2014 Assets Learning Conference

Raising Assets for the Asset Building Field: Trends and Opportunities in Philanthropy

Thursday, September 18th, 2014
10:15-11:30 AM

Room: George Washington

Raising the right amount and type of funding to support asset-building products and services is an ongoing challenge for practitioners, advocates, researchers and other stakeholders. The field of philanthropy is being transformed by the entry of new donors, the application of technology to create new approaches such as crowdfunding, and the engagement of community, private and corporate foundations with the field. This session will present an overview of the trends transforming philanthropy, share the strategy and results of leading community and private foundations, and provide a roadmap to assess the potential of “new philanthropists” to become champions of asset building.


  • Wende Burton, Communities Foundation of Texas
  • Jocelyn Harmon, CFED
  • Kevin Walker, Northwest Area Foundation
  • Joe Antolin, Asset Funders Network (Moderator)

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