2014 Assets Learning Conference

Promoting Financial Capability across the Lifespan (from the Preschool Years through Adulthood): Insights from Developmental Psychology and Marketing

Thursday, September 18th, 2014
10:15-11:30 AM

Room: Farragut North

This session brings together researchers and financial practitioners to discuss how insights from developmental psychology and marketing might strengthen financial capability-building interventions. Developmental psychologists have a wealth of insight into areas of interest to our field. For example, executive function research has shed light on how we develop our ability to delay gratification, plan for the future and stay focused on goals. Developmental psychologists also have insight into how children learn to connect math skills with consumption decisions and how they learn to save and develop norms around saving. During this interactive session we will collectively think about how these insights could improve asset building practitioners’ work with children and youth as well as their parents.


  • Anita Drever, CFED
  • Charles Kalish, University of Wisconsin
  • Anna McAlister, Michigan State University
  • Sunaena Chhatry, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Moderator)


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