2014 Assets Learning Conference

Financial Education 2.0: What is the Way Forward?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
2-3:15 PM

Room: Galluadet

We’ve all heard the sound bite: “research shows that financial education does not work." But what does that really mean? What findings are being referenced when people make that statement? This session will unpack the research and provide a forum for a discussion of ways forward in light of it. Panelists will share promising future directions for developing financial capability informed by research from the Arizona Pathways to Life Success (APLUS) project and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau-funded Financial Well-Being Project. Members of the audience will also be given an opportunity to share their own innovative approaches to improving the effectiveness of financial education and coaching.


  • Ted Beck, National Endowment for Financial Education
  • Anita Drever, CFED
  • Elizabeth Odders-White, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business
  • Joyce Serido, University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development
  • Genevieve Melford, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Moderator)


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