2014 Assets Learning Conference

Engaging Direct Service Providers and Constituents as Sensational Advocates

Friday, September 19th, 2014
10:15-11:45 AM

Room: Judiciary Square

Improving family financial security in our communities requires a combination of access to opportunity and changes in systems that create or hinder those opportunities. High-impact service providers can quickly hit a limit on their ability to scale and to provide access to opportunity without engaging in advocacy for systems change work. This session explores how coalitions and organizations can build effective advocacy campaigns by incorporating the power and wisdom of direct service providers and individuals into their efforts. This session will highlight specific strategies, tools and case studies to demystify the advocacy process and build stronger campaigns.


  • Alexandra Bastien, PolicyLink
  • Anne Johnson, Prepare + Prosper
  • Sheryl Lane, EARN
  • Tim Lilienthal, PICO National Network
  • Christianne Lind, Northwest Area Foundation (Moderator)

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