2014 Assets Learning Conference

Blurred Lines: The Shifting Reality of Work and Self-Employment

Thursday, September 18th, 2014
10:15-11:30 AM

Room: Judiciary Square

Today’s economic landscape is defined by a new and unfamiliar workforce: people patching incomes, part- and full-time self-employment, burgeoning new online platforms for independent workers and even a growing “sharing” economy. This shift forced the spectrum of business ownership to expand and blurred the lines between entrepreneurship and employment. Does sharing your home, car, food, time or space count as job creation? Are these people workers, microbusiness owners, employees or independent contractors? What implications does this have for policymakers, economic developers and practitioners who serve the self-employed or low- and moderate-income families patching multiple income sources? Participants will work through these challenging—and in some cases, controversial—narratives to inform where the asset-building field stands on these issues in an interactive session.  


  • Lauren Williams, CFED
  • Sam Witherbee, Peers

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