2012 Attention Symposium
Special Presenters
Dr. Paolo Bartolomeo
French Institute of Health and Medical Research
Attentional pathways to visual awareness and their disruption after brain damage
Jin Fan
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Implementation of cognitive control
Avishai Henik
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Multiple paths of control
Ray Klein
Dalhousie University
Pursuing a productive taxonomy of attention
Juan Lupiáñez
University of Granada
Modulations of alertness and orienting over executive control
Bruce Milliken
McMaster University
The control of attention by prior experience
Michael Posner
University of Oregon
Improving attention through network practice and by changing brain states
Charo Rueda Cuerva
University of Granada
Development of attention: Influences from nature and nurture
Charles Spence
Oxford University
Controlling attention in a multisensory world
Eran Zaidel
University of California at Los Angeles
Beyond evolution: Redesigning the brain