eHealth Week 2017

HIMSS Nordic Community: Workshop and Dinner*

Join us in Malta for the most influential eHealth event in Europe. The HIMSS Nordic Community will gather one day prior to the event kick-off for a workshop which will gather leading healthcare IT professionals from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland. The interactive workshop will be following by an exclusive Nordic Dinner. Secure your place today - tickets are limited!

Nordic Workshop

Tuesday 9 May
5pm - 7pm

Workshop theme: "Evidence-based Implementation of Technology"

Speakers confirmed:

  • Claus Duedal, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
  • Mette Marie Skjøtt, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
  • Mrs. Madelaine Marklund, Portfolio Responsible, Inera, Sweden
  • Mrs. Sofie Zetterström, Vice Director, Inera, Sweden
  • Mr. Mahad Hunice, Director of Operations, Research and Innovation at Region Zealand, Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark.

Implementation building on evidence or building evidence during implementation?

The traditional assumption is that the implementation of new health care interventions can only be successful when it is based on good and solid scientific evidence. Reaching this solid scientific evidence is not only time consuming and costly but experiences show that even with the evidence in place it still takes in average 18 year to implement new interventions.

For many years there has been a consensus that the implementation of eHealth solutions build on the same assumptions and need for evidence as the ones applied for the implementation of "regular" health interventions. So far, this assumption has created an unsustainable dilemma as we have rapid changes in technology on one side and the time consuming process of building evidence on the other. So the practical large scale implementation of eHealth services is greatly challenged and faces major limitations due to the paradigm of implementing eHealth based on evidence. In short, if eHealth implementation just follows the traditional path and mindset, the eHealth services will never be able to contribute to solving the challenges we are facing in the health care systems.

So what has the answer been so far? Different, more or less successful, strategies have been tested for overcoming the challenges. One approach has been to create evidence as part of the implementation processes and combining implementation with a scientific evaluation. The basic assumption is that if the idea looks sensible it would be possible to create the evidence as part of an implementations process and maybe based on a step wise approach where the solution is scaled out based on the experiences from one region or hospital.

The workshop will discuss the challenges and possibilities of implementations processes for eHealth solutions based on practical experiences from large scale EU implementation projects and regional experiences. The aim of the workshop is to present experiences from a number of cases and encourages an open and active discussion of the best practices for implementation to share knowledge and create recommendations for efficient implementation processes and evidence building.

*Additional fees apply

Nordic Dinner

Tuesday 9 May
From 7:30pm

Dinner Venue: Hilton Aquabar