eHealth Week 2017

HIMSS Europe eHealth Leadership Award

HIMSS Europe has launched the nomination process for the HIMSS Europe eHealth Leadership Award, which recognises an individual who, in the judgment of the HIMSS Europe Governing Council, has demonstrated significant leadership in promoting the use of information technology in healthcare in Europe 1.

To be eligible for the HIMSS Europe eHealth Leadership Award, the candidate must:

  • Be a resident of Europe
  • Be professionally active in Europe
  • Apply before April 21st

The HIMSS Europe eHealth Leadership Award consists of:

  • A symbol of recognition
  • Publication of information in an official HIMSS Publication and on the HIMSS Europe website

1 Europe is defined in accordance with the current definition of Europe of the World Health Organisation.


  • The HIMSS Europe eHealth Leadership Award is given in recognition of European level leadership in the field of eHealth.
  • The award may be made for leadership in eHealth deployment, innovation, policy development, advocacy or training at a European level towards the transformation of healthcare.
  • It may be made to an exceptional contribution, for a sustained engagement, or for a lifetime of exceptional leadership, which has had an impact across Europe.
  • Apply before April 21st

Nomination Process

  • The HIMSS Governing Council will publish call for nominations of candidates via its website.
  • Nominations can be submitted by a third party, whether a member of HIMSS or not.
  • You will be asked to provide:
  1. Brief bio of the individual
  2. Concise description of contributions that deserve recognition by HIMSS Europe
  3. CV with notable achievements for each position held
  4. List of publications with references
  5. List of presentations (featuring title, location and date)
  • Recipient will be notified after the final approval by the Council and the awards ceremony will be held at eHealth Week 2017.

Nominations failing to complete the application process as described above will not be considered.