eHealth Week 2017

eHealth Week 2017 Presentations


Presentation Title

Stuart Anderson Assessing Readiness to Deploy Integrated Care and Requirements for Transferring Good Practices
Hans Andersson Challenges implementing a cross-border ePrescription service
Professor Marion Bennie The Farr Institute – Delivering new evidence and risk prediction tools through data analysis
Stefan Biesdorf A disruptive approach to drive eHealth from concept to implementation
Professor Maged N. Kamel Boulos Games, Geosocial Apps, Social Media Ads and Dashboards for Sexual Health Promotion
Niels Boye Non-Disruptive, Disruptive Innovation for Insilico Supported Coproduction of Health Evidence and of Healthiness
Josep Carbó Incentivizing Adoption of Disruptive Technologies
Richard Corbridge Providing Individualised Services and Care in Epilepsy (PISCES)
Yolima Cossio BigData & Digitalization HUB
Dr Bethan Davies Behaviour change and mental health in children and young people: how can digital technology help?
Michael Dillhyon Health Data & Blockchain: The New Sharing Frontier
Jamie Ferguson Interoperability: Patient Summaries Within The Connected Care Agenda
Francesco Florindi European Cancer Patient Coalition
Francesco Florindi The reality of multidisciplinary care: HIT as enablers for more equitable cancer care
Dr Tom Fowler The 100,000 Genomes Project: Paving the Way for Personalised Medicine
Anna Cecilia Frellsen The safe delvery app
Maria Renata Guarneri Mobile Solutions for Prevention in HealthCare: the PEGASO Project
Charles Gutteridge SNOMED CT in the Age of Precision Medicine
Mahad Huniche Evidence-based implementation of new technology
Hayley Hovious Nashville and Health Innovation: A Paradox
Kumar Jacob THE 4TH STEP - VR in clinical training
Dipak Kalra Cracking the perverse incentives for non-interoperability
Dipak Kalra Establishing the business case for sharing personal health data across borders: the VALUeHEALTH project results
Stephen Kay The Patient Summary is here; making the IPS will take a little longer…
Esteban de Manuel Keenoy Smart environments and integrated care: Helping europeans to live better not just longer "Twinning actions to improve the capacity for transfer and scaling-up of good practices”
Devi Kolli How AI powered virtual reality can help train clinicians of the future
Udai Kumar ohumC6:Connected Community
Sascha Marschang Digital solutions for health & disease management
Henrique Martins eHealth Security and Data Protection
Sara Meunier Aspects of nationwide adoption of standards
Anne Moen Harnessing Diversity
Anne Moen Citizen – health data
Steve Mutkoski Healthcare, Data Security and Cloud Computing
Kjartan Olafsson NEW BALANCES -side effects of eHealth
Marco Pantera Italian Community Session: Patient Data and the GDPR - How should I manage the Data?
Annika Östergren Pofantis The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition: What's in it for the health sector?
Steven Posnack, Rachelle Blake Digital Skills for the Health Workforce: The EU*US eHealth Work Project
Kyle Rose My ehealth my way
DDr. Thomas Schabetsberger Team up with your patients – Patient Portals as EHR clients for patients
Robert Scharinger Keeping Guard: Security of Healthcare Data
Marina Schmidt Digital Healthcare: Essentials seen from the Payer’s Perspective
Mikael Skilbreid Implementation of a large IT program across two Regions in Denmark
Michael Strübin Overcoming market fragmentation and island solutions: International standards and profiles
Dr. Mimi Tatlow-Golden Tackling food marketing to children in a digital world
Alan Thomas #SocialMediaInHealthcare: Y it matters 4U!
Le Vallikivi Sharing Health Data with patient from Family Doctor’s point of view
Hans-Vandewyngaerde Scaling up Digital Innovation for Sustained Transformation of Healthcare, an industry perspective
Sinisa Varga Better public health through strategic purchasing as a catalyst for eHealth design and development
Julien Venne European map of investments in innovative digital solutions for AHA
Alexander Whalen Collecting and Handling Health Data in a GDPR World
Peter Wintlev-Jensen Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care
Dr Kors van Wyngaarden Putting Patients in the Driver’s Seat of Data-Driven Healthcare
Sofie Zetterström Implementing e-health services in Sweden
Natalia Zylinska-Puta Introduction to eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure