The cusp of macroeconomic reform in countries like Argentina, a stable business environment in Chile, plus improved support for FDI is leading to an improved outlook for the Latin American region. On top of this, cautious optimism about improved returns from mined commodities, in particular, lithium and gold, is making Latin American mining more appealing to investors.

Latin America is also perfectly placed to take advantage of the growing demand for battery metals, thanks to significant investments being made in electric vehicle battery development and the continuing growth in consumer electronics. Coupling this market sentiment with Latin America’s vast lithium triangle provides significant opportunities for the region’s mining companies, governments and international investors.

With recent changes in governments in Peru, Brazil and Argentina, much of Latin America is essentially under new management with policies changing to favour the mining sector – look at the recent slashing of export taxes for mined commodities in Argentina. This all provides an improved outlook for investors, miners and the region’s economy.

On the back of this improved regulatory climate and the optimism in commodities, in particular around gold and battery metals, the team behind Mining Indaba brings you the Investing in LatAm Mining Cumbre. This will be the only event to:

  • Attract a truly international audience of investors and financiers
  • Include large Asian mining groups, including Chinese SOEs who are actively buying into resources on the continent or entering into offtake agreements
  • Tackle the serious issue of sustainable development while ensuring investments are profitable