ISLA's 7th Annual Post Trade Conference 2016


Registration for this event is now closed.

Free (subject to verification and approval, please see the list of ISLA Member firms here)

£450.00 + VAT

Free (subject to verification and approval)

This conference is open to the press but reporters must register separately in advance. If you are a member of the press and wish to attend the conference, do not register online, but please contact us on:

Please note that spaces for this event are limited and therefore we might need to limit the amount of tickets allocated to each member firm.

*ISLA Members are defined as: Employees of ISLA member firms and their affiliates. A list of ISLA members is available on the ISLA website.

**Please note that all credit card payments are subject to a 3% processing charge

**Beneficial Owners are defined as: Investment and pension fund trustees and representatives, who participate or would consider participating in securities lending through an agent only. This implies that your company does not have its own Securities Lending Desk. The beneficial owner category is only for representatives of the long only investing community such as pension and mutual fund trustees and advisors. It is not intended that this category would apply to hedge fund or alternative managers or sponsors. Your registration will only be valid, once you have received a confirming registration number.