2016 Real Estate Forum - 70th Anniversary: Insights

This September marks the 70th Anniversary of Real Estate Forum, the preferred business magazine for commercial real estate professionals. In preparation for this milestone, the editors of Forum are taking a look at how real estate has shaped the nation, chronicling its evolution over seven decades and mapping the industry’s future.

While we have our fingers on the pulse of the market, we know that the people working daily in the market are an invaluable source of information. As such, we are reaching out to our readers for insight on the special coverage planned for this issue: 

    Profiles of the Dominators, Influencers and Innovators that have shaped CRE over the past 70 years. These could be investors, developers, brokers, designers or political figures that have contributed to the industry's evolution throughout the course of the past several decades. This category would feature individuals like REIT king Sam Zell, hotel honcho Conrad Hilton, CMBS pioneer Ethan Penner, NYC icon David Rockefeller, etc.  
    The decisions made over the past 70 years that have yielded the best results, whether those decisions helped shape an industry sector, a market or the success of a single property. Examples include William Levitt's concept of master planning that led to emergence of suburban communities, REIT legislation written into the Cigar Excise Tax Extension, the advent of CMBS, the introduction of LITHCs. Additionally, decisions by intrepid developers and investors—such as the first players to enter formerly unknown markets like the Inland Empire, Long Island City and DUMBO—would also apply to this category    
    The people, places, products and innovations that will help propel the business into, and through, the next phase of the cycle over the next five to 10 years. For instance, technological innovations or development practices that could be transformational for the business may be featured. Where will be the next "hot spots"—that is, the next DUMBO, LIC, and the like—to draw investors, developers, residents and business? Who will be the most-admired, respected and successful leaders and figures in the business?

If you would like to suggest an individual or topic for consideration, please click through to the entry form, select the feature and tell us your thoughts.

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