Pharmacy-Drug Therapy in Obstetrics-Students
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Diseases, Complications, and Drug
Therapy in Obstetrics - Student Version
This course from Washington State University College of Pharmacy and the Global Campus provides participants with important information on the latest drug interactions and their impact in obstetrics.

Cost:  $495.00
This self-paced course is offered entirely online and is to be completed over a 16 week period. Students interested in obtaining transcript credit for Diseases, Complications, and Drug Therapy in Obstetrics should discuss transferability of credits with their home institutions prior to taking this online course. Washington State University will issue a certificate of completion for each student who successfully passes each module as described in the grading section. The certificate will serve as documentation of course completion to facilitate elective credit from the student’s school/college of pharmacy.

Please watch this introductory video from Nancy Gerstad discussing the issues associated with this topic.
A preview from one of our course experts, Julie Scott, MD, discussing gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, and eclampsia, is available here. Each lesson includes a video presentation by an expert pharmacist or physician, along with a downloadable file of slides for note taking, followed by an assessment for that lesson.
Additional information is available in the course syllabus found here.

If you have any other questions, please contact Susan Lutz, Principal Assistant at Washington State University College of Pharmacy. She can be reached at 509-358-7651 or