2016 Real Estate Forum - The Drive to Thrive: CRE Cinderella Stories
The Drive to Thrive: CRE Cinderella Stories

One of the most amazing things about commercial real estate development and investment is its ability to transform. That is, turn around buildings, neighborhoods or even entire companies. From rehabilitation to adaptive reuse to portfolio realignment, some of the most noteworthy—not to mention satisfying—turnaround efforts in the business are the ones that take an “ugly duckling” and turn it into something better, brighter and more profitable.

The teams behind these CRE Cinderella Stories are some of the savviest, visionary professionals in the business. They see beyond what others do—not just an eyesore or headache, but an opportunity to polish up rough edges and end up with a valuable diamond.

The upcoming April issue of Real Estate Forum will highlight some of the most significant turnaround efforts of the past five years, while profiling the players involved to get a sense of what went on behind the scenes and what it took to achieve their goals.

Do you have a Cinderella Story to share? Tell us about it in the form below. 

Deadline for submission is March 8, 2016

*Please contact Sule Aygoren with any questions about eligibility at saygoren@alm.com or (212) 457-9659.