2016 Real Estate Forum - Placemakers:The Best of Development
The Placemakers: The Best of Development
The act of real estate development is seldom as simple as putting up four walls and a roof. Building properties—particularly large, commercial assets—involves as much art and finesse as it does science and skill, especially when taking into account all the moving parts and interested parties.

A development project can stand out for several reasons, not simply sheer size and cost. Some garner attention for their design and architectural elements. Others can revitalize forgotten neighborhoods or provide a much-needed service. Still others can even create new neighborhoods, luring both residents and businesses alike.

Yet bringing any development project to fruition takes a great deal of coordination, from city planners and developers, to investors and lenders, to architects, engineers and legal counsel. The hands and minds involved in building a new asset are many.

As part of a special focus on Development and Capital in the April 2016 issue, Real Estate Forum is highlighting some of the best developments that have been brought to market in the past two years and, more importantly, the teams behind them. What kind of teamwork and coordination is involved in “placemaking” today?

Deadline for submission is March 8, 2016

*Please contact Sule Aygoren with any questions about eligibility at saygoren@alm.com or (212) 457-9659.