REANZ: On Becoming a Professional Marveller

'On Becoming a Professional Marveller'

Ann Pelo

REANZ is delighted to be welcoming Ann Pelo back to Aotearoa New Zealand to share her experiences with us. Ann is a teacher educator, program consultant, and author whose primary work focuses on pedagogical practice, social justice and ecological teaching and learning, and the art of mentoring. Her work is anchored by a commitment to the right of educators to be intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually engaged by their work. Ann offers educators the opportunity to engage with deeper understandings and new questions through the power of story, reflection and collaboration. Ann’s work is sustained by teachers' commitment to growth and challenge, by children's potent capacity for questions, and by families' deep commitment to their children.

Ann is the author of five books: The Goodness of Rain: Developing an Ecological Identity in Young Children (2013), Season by Season the Year Unfolds: A Guidebook for Developing an Intentional Culture in Early Childhood Programs (2010), Rethinking Early Childhood Education (2008), The Language of Art: Inquiry-based Studio Practices in Early Childhood Settings (2007), and, with Fran Davidson, That's Not Fair: A Teacher's Guide to Activism with Young Children (2000).

Pedagogical Practice as Professional Development
Ann will be presenting seminars in Keri Keri, Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington.

Traditional in-service learning and professional development often emphasize strategies and techniques for planning curriculum and learning activities, managing behavior, and aligning routines. This short-changes educators’ right to be thinkers, researchers, and co-constructors of knowledge — what Loris Malaguzzi called “professional marvellers.”

When we shift our orientation, and make thinking rather than doing our priority, we begin to live into new possi-bilities for professional development. We reconceptualize the professional development in our programs as pedagogical practice: disciplined thinking and collaborative inquiry into the teaching and learning process. During our evening together, we’ll consider core elements of pedagogical practice and the ways in which such practice becomes our on-going professional development.

The Turner Centre, 43 Cobham Road, KeriKeri (NEW Venue)
Host: Tai Tokerau Network of REANZ


Junior School Diocesan School for Girls, Margot Street entrance, Epsom
Host: REANZ Auckland

Palmerston North

Globe Theatre, 312 Main Street
Host: Manawatu Network of REANZ

Te Rito Maioha/Early Childhood NZ (formally NZCA), 191 Thorndon Quay
Host: REID, Wellington Network

Tuesday 29 March 2016,
6.00pm - 9.00pm

Saturday 2 April 2016,
9.00am - 3.00pm

Monday 4 April 2016,
6.00pm - 9.00pm

Wednesday 6 April 2016,
6.00pm - 9.00pm





Reading and Writing the World: Cultivating a Literacy of Place
An evening seminar in Auckland

The wild requires that we learn the terrain, nod to all the plants and animals and birds, ford the streams and cross the tides, and tell a good story when we get home. (Gary Snyder),

Stories are elemental and essential for us humans. We tell stories to find our place in the world, to affirm order and meaning in the tumble of life, to imagine new possibilities and to offer moral contours for our behaviour. Stories tell us who we are, and where we are, and why we are. Stories of place locate us in the larger-than-human world, allowing us to know the land, the sky, the water, and to contextualize ourselves there, alongside the other creatures bound into them.

To tell stories of place, we need a literacy of place, the ability to read the beyond-human world. We need to be literate in the varying shapes of leaf and blossom, in the seasonal moods of the grasses and wild weeds, in the particular ways of worms and crows, in the distinct caresses of mist and fog, drizzle and downpour.

But how do we come to such a literacy of place?

Junior School Diocesan School for Girls
Margot Street Entrance, Epsom
Host: REANZ Auckland

Thursday 31 March 2016,

6.00pm - 9.00pm


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