2016 Kellen Managers Summit Sponsor Registration
The Kellen Managers Summit is a yearly event that brings together Kellen managers and decision-makers from our Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, New York, Washington, DC, Brussels and Beijing offices for three days of learning, sharing best practices and further developing our vision of becoming the premier professional services firm. Participants will be comprised of Kellen decision-makers - senior management, executive directors, meeting planners and key staff for more than 100 clients.

Kellen is the largest global association management firm in the world, and as such, we rely heavily on our Sponsor Partners every day to help us maintain our commitment to excellence for our clients. As part of our responsibility to our 100+ clients, Kellen plans approximately 350 meetings, events and trade shows each year, which generate approximately $30 million in annual sales to resorts, convention centers and hotels, as well as to businesses providing support for these events.

For more information about Kellen, please visit our website at www.kellencompany.com