2016 Bead Fest Summer

Workshops by Caroline Andrews


You can register for workshops onsite starting Wednesday, August 17 at 7:30 AM for any classes with seats available. Any workshop not marked as sold out have seats available.

Questions? Contact student registration onsite via email beadfest@fwmedia.com

**Reminder: All workshop students get FREE admission to the Bead Fest Expo Hall!

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08/21/20168:30 am - 11:30 amSunday, August 21, 2016
635, Pinch N Twist Wire Work Technique - Level One - $100

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Level: All LevelsDescription of Workshop Levels
Technique: Wire Work

Fundamentals, skills, and techniques covered:
• Bead Soup type discovery using color and bead mixes
  • The use of Art Wire to create interesting forms
  • Abstract and free-form creativity

This class is meant to inspire all levels of artists in the unique and easy Pinch N Twist beading, jewellery and wire art form. The goal is to empower everyone to create their own unique jewellery or home décor design pieces. It engenders a passion for Pinch N Twist that has its beauty in comforting free flow (i.e. without even the need for patterns) and is immediately personal and pleasurable. Pinch N Twist is easy; versatile doesn't really need much formal instruction or any special tools for beginners. Its stress relieving, relaxing, personalized and can be done quickly and anywhere! Students will enjoy the original and bold Pinch N Twist art form, and will learn to evolve the technique with their personal style and creativity. Target audience is: Beaders and those interested in jewellery or other personalized art forms. No age bias, very suitable for teenagers to golden agers. No experience bias, suitable for beginners and enriching for advanced Beaders. You WILL complete this project in class.

Prerequisites/Skills Needed: None

Materials you are required to bring:
Beading Tools: Mat, beading pliers and cutters, visual aids if required, lighting aids if required

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635, Pinch N Twist Wire Work Technique - Level One - $100 [More Info]
Caroline Andrews