ISFRI 2016

 Program B: Parallel Program 
11th Annual Meeting of International Association of Forensic Radiographers

11:15                                    Opening of the annual IAFR Meeting

11:30                                    Establishment of reference values for density measurement in Post-Mortem Computed Tomography (PMCT) and Multiphase PMCT-Angiography (MPMCTA), A. Dominguez

12:00                                    PMMR of the Brain,  Chandra Gerrard, United States

12:30                                    Quantitative analysis of hemorrhages & the role of the RT in the forensic field, Kewin Ducrot, Switserland

13:00                                    Lunch

14:00                                    Responsibilities of the Radiographer in Non Accidental Imaging (NAI),  Shergill Spencer, Kingston University, 

14:30                                    Independent investigation of the corpse; Dutch Forensic Radiology; Ingrid Haest, MUMC, Maastricht

15:00                                    Coffee Break

15:30                                    The relevance and applicability of Forensic Radiology for the national police, R.A. van Kan, Police, The Netherlands

16:00                                     Disaster Victim Identification, Jeroen Kroll, MUMC, Maastricht, The Netherlands        

16:30  - 17:00                       Forensic Dental Radiography – a review of current techniques and future developments, Mark Viner