ISFRI 2016

14th of May: Parallel Program C

08:30       Multiphase Post Mortem Computed Tomography Angiography (MPMCTA): presentation of a validated method
                  S. Grabherr, Switzerland

08:50       The forensic radiographer: a new speciality with new training possibilities 
                 K. Ducrot, Switzerland

09:10      MPMCTA for medical interventions with fatal outcome 
                 A. Heinemann, Germany

09:30       Added value of PMCTA in forensic postmortem examination in Krakow
                  K. Wozniak, Poland

09:50       Visualization and reconstruction of high energy trauma cases by MPMCTA
                  F. Dédouit, Switzerland

10:10      When MPMCTA helps ballistics and police investigations
                 S. Grabherr & D. Gaillard, Switzerland

10:30       Coffee break

11:00      The Technical Working Group Post-Mortem Angiography Methods

11:20       Hands on – Reading and discussion of real cases