ISFRI 2016

The Academic Medical Center (AMC)

The Academic Medical Center (AMC) is probably the most well-known hospital in the Netherlands. As one of the eight university medical centers in the Netherlands, the AMC is among the top medical centers in the world. As a university medical center, the AMC has three principal tasks. Its primary task is, of course, the treatment of patients. In addition the AMC carries out a great deal of medical research, in other words: research into the development of illnesses and disorders, and how to identify, treat and prevent them. The AMC’s third task is to provide medical education: this includes training students to become doctors or medical informatics specialists, and training doctors to become specialists, family doctors or occupational physicians.

The AMC was founded in 1983, when two hospitals from the Amsterdam city center, the ‘Wilhelmina Gasthuis’ and the ‘Binnengasthuis’, merged with medical faculty of the University of Amsterdam. Five years later, the Emma Children’s Hospital also became a part of the new university hospital. In addition to hospital departments and faculty departments, the AMC is also home to the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (an institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, KNAW), the medical department of the Royal Tropical Institute, and the Academic Psychiatric Center.

The area around the main buildings provides room for a number of spin-offs: small research companies that have emerged from the AMC, such as Arthrogen and Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (AMT). A number of independent medical institutes, including IATEC Clinical Trial Services, Pharm Access and – the latest addition – the Spinoza Center for Neuroimaging have also been set up here. In collaboration with the City of Amsterdam, the AMC is stimulating the development of a Medical Business Park: a whole range of innovative businesses and research institutes in the field of healthcare, bio sciences and life sciences. This concentration of expertise and skill forms an excellent breeding ground for the multidisciplinary collaboration which is one of the key strengths underlying the AMC’s patient care system.

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