2015 Consulting Summit: Consulting 2020—Focus on the Firm of the Future

Consulting 2020: Focus on the Firm of the Future

  • What’s the future of consulting? 
  • What will the profession look like in five years? 
  • What’s the firm of the future look like? 
  • How will client delivery change? 
  • What will a successful firm look like in 2020? 
  • And, how will emerging technologies continue to disrupt consulting? 
Big questions, for sure. But that’s what the Consulting Summit has always set out to do—answer the tough questions and big challenges facing the profession. This year’s Consulting Summit will focus in on the future by taking a good hard look at where we are today. The day’s agenda will provide plenty of proprietary research and analysis from Consulting magazine’s sister company—Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory (KCRA). Analysts will be on hand to provide market and business intelligence forecasts on consulting services worldwide as part of KCRA’s annual State of the Profession, with data culled from its 2015 Global Consulting Market Index. In addition, the Summit will also offer a keynote address from The Boston Consulting Group's Ross Love, Senior Partner & Managing Director and Debbie Lovich, Senior Advisor, Leader of BCG’s Leadership and Talent Enablement Center in North America, discussing the evolution necessary for consultancies to succeed in the future.

In addition, the Summit will offer a diversity of thought and innovative ideas about the road ahead via panel discussions and breakouts sessions focused on the challenges of today and the solutions of tomorrow. Finally, the Summit is the one of the consulting profession’s premier networking events. Join consulting colleagues, co-workers and clients at this one-day event that promises to deliver a clear 2020 vision for consulting.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Consulting Summit.