WIL Refine Your Power

The CIO Executive Council is a member-led executive organization of global business leaders working to drive value from the intersection of business, information technology and strategy. Through peer reliance, collaboration and outreach, members apply the knowledge, insights and best practices of their peers to the success of their enterprises and their own personal achievement.

As part of this community, female IT executives within the membership, drive the Women in Leadership community of practice. This active group provides additional networking opportunities for women in IT to share expertise, best practices and solutions to business challenges faced by female executives in today's ever-changing world.
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"As a group we identify the realities of career advancement, inspiring and teaching the best practices of successful C-level females who have overcome challenges of their industry and taken charge of their careers. We employ new tactics that boost confidence, provide a broad view of the business, and exercise our highly collaborative spirit while balancing all we choose to enjoy in life."
Pam Stenson 
President, CIO Executive Council 
Chair, Women in Leadership Community