WIL Refine Your Power

Refine Your Power is a new Women’s Career Lab designed to prepare female rising stars and bring together senior female business leaders to learn strategies for achieving work, life and family integration. Our host Pam Stenson, president of the CEC & chair of the CEC women in leadership program, will be joined by co-authors of The Orange Line, Jodi Detjen, Professor of Management at Suffolk University & Kelly Watson will lead A Woman’s Guide to Integrating Career, Family and Life, in this lively session. We will celebrate the success of the Career Lab and recognize notable achievements of influential women in leadership at a Networking & Awards Reception at the conclusion of the day.

The CEC will bring together nearly 100 female leaders to experience a day of interactions, modules and coaching exercises to understand the career limiting assumptions women make and how they can reframe what is blocking them to open up possibilities and creatively solve problems to benefit themselves and the organization they support. Three 90 minute virtual sessions will follow to continue to reinforce the message and continued actions. 

Featured Speakers

Pam Stenson
President, CIO Executive Council
Chair, Women in Leadership (WIL)
Professor of Management, Suffolk University 
Co-Author, The Orange Line
Carrie Mathews
Senior Director, Client Delivery
CIO Executive Council
Kelly Watson
Managing Partner
Orange Grove Consulting 
Co-Author, The Orange Line
Kristin Kelley
Chief Marketing Officer

Virtual Sessions 

Session 1: Perfection 

Rationalize through the problems of perfectionism and make a case for a new modus operandi – being “a work in progress.” Learn to recognize the trappings of perfectionism and choose when it is appropriate to “punt.”   

Session 2: Self-Efficacy

Move beyond the superficial “fake it ‘til you make it” advice and dig more deeply into the foundation for self-confidence: belief in your ability to take on challenges effectively. 

Session 3: Taking Risks 

Build on the previous skills to embrace risk as the means for growth. They learn why we like our “comfort zone” and how to move beyond it. Using a deep-reflective exercise to culminate the course, participants will develop courageous self-talk to encourage their growth beyond the course.