The BIG Debate

This timely conference starts with an anticipated lively debate between a proponent of adding value to Canada’s bountiful resource and a proponent for the ‘free market’ determining investment. 

The general theme builds on the findings of the Canadian Academy of Engineering in its report ‘Canada: Becoming a Sustainable Energy Powerhouse’. The debate will explore private sector, governmental and key stakeholder roles in this over-arching topic that is integral to our economy today. 

By attending and participating one will be exposed to presentation material with the opportunity to question and seek answers that will expand perspectives of the interaction amongst the key forces at play in determining the path Canada should take in developing its resources over the coming decades. The discussions are particularly important in the light of crude oil pricing circumstances of today. 

This session is followed by a reception and dinner, offering an unequalled networking opportunity with senior government and industry leaders The program for day two brings together the compelling issues of a proposed refinery investment, adding value to oil sands bitumen, national and provincial economic impacts, and the evolving downstream and manufacturing potentials relating to the energy sector. 

This conference will be of interest to senior and executive stakeholders from the oil, transport, fuels, petrochemical, government, and labour constituencies. 

The Bowman Centre is a leader in the pursuit of making visible and obtaining discourse across the nation on energy topics, with a growing list of successful initiatives. The Bowman Centre’s mission statement is: “Catalyze big energy projects which drive Canada’s energy strategy and generate sustainable wealth and jobs.” 

Make plans now to join us on May 5 & 6 in Sarnia.