2015 Wild On Wounds Registrations

Wound Care Certification
This Wound Care Certified (WCC®) course offers and an evidence-based approach to wound management with current standards of care practices to keep clinicians legally defensible at bedside. This energetic course is taught by experienced wound certified instructors and includes curriculum such as:
  • Evidenced-based practice guidelines
  • Comprehensive wound assessment
  • Vital wound documentation
  • Key elements required for wound healing
  • Barriers to wound healing and ways to overcome issues
  • Legal and ethics considerations
  • And More...
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Diabetic Wound Certification
This Diabetic Wound Certified (DWC®) course takes you through the science of the disease process, focuses on limb salvage and prevention, and covers the unique needs of a diabetic patient. This course is taught by a board certified DWC physician who is passionate about caring for diabetic patients. Curriculum includes:
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Perfusion, Biomechanics, Sensory, Dermatologic, Nail Examination, Foot Structure/Deformities, Foot Ulcer, Footwear
  • Dermal Thermometry, Toe photoplethysmography, Monofilament Exam, Vibration Testing
  • Sharp Debridement, Total Contact Casting, Stump wrapping
  • Patient Education - Adult learning principals, Teen/Pediatric, Cultural considerations
  • Legal Aspects and Prevention
  • And More...

Ostomy Certification
This Ostomy Management Specialist (OMS) course will take you through the anatomy and physiology of the systems involved in fecal/urinary diversions.
The course includes online pre-class modules followed by hands-on classroom sessions. It covers topics such as:
  • Anatomy and physiology of the Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary systems, disorders, surgical procedures and diversions
  • Psychosocial support and patient education
  • Peristomal, stomal complications and stoma site marking
  • Tube, fistula and pediatric ostomy management
  • HANDS-ON lab with pouching systems, accessory products and troubleshooting
  • And More...
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