Making the Impossible Possible:
Tackle the Cross-Platform Measurement Mandate Head-On

Wednesday, November 12

Embrace the Future, Today: Programmatic Workshop

Programmatic buying is fundamentally shifting the way that advertising inventory is bought and how advertisers connect with consumers. It’s attracting an increasingly bigger share of advertising budgets. But beyond the buzzword it’s still a mystery to most marketers. Take your knowledge of programmatic buying from beginner- to expert-level and learn how to use programmatic to drive growth for your business today and in the future.




Gayle Fuguitt – President & CEO, ARF


The Programmatic Primer

This primer is designed to help today’s marketers understand what programmatic is, how it’s changing the face of advertising, and where you can use it to drive growth, sales and efficiency for your organization.

Ted McConnell – Principal, Ted McConnell Consulting


Taking the First Step – Measuring Programmatic

Be inspired to take action by thought leaders from the measurement world as they discuss the key considerations in measuring the effectiveness of programmatic buying.

Jeff Smith – EVP Global Solutions Marketing, Nielsen

Gillian Heltai – VP, comScore

Gunnard Johnson – SVP of Data Analytics, Centro


Meet & Greet Break: Stories and Connections

Re-energize, find your tribe and build your network



Beyond Efficiency: Building Brands Through Programmatic

Brands now have the opportunity, through the use of increasingly robust integrated data, to better understand their digital audiences and compel them toward their brand with the most personalized brand experiences across all devices. Hear how Dstillery’s data science is driving results for leading brands such as Verizon, Sears, and American Express.

Lauren Moores – VP of Analytics, Dstillery


Creative Quality Fuels Programmatic Success

Why creative quality measures must be infused into the programmatic video ecosystem.

Peter Daboll – CEO, Ace Metrix


Data in the Age of Automation

Essential to the power and impact of automated advertising is its ability to use data to present the right message to the right consumer at the right time and at the right price. Learn how buyers and sellers are using automation to make data more actionable for their businesses today.

Ryan Polley – SVP Business Development, Rubicon Project


Stretch Break


Making it Real: Programmatic Buying in Practice

In small group discussions, learn how to use programmatic in your day-to-day work, as practitioners share their strategies for using programmatic buying to drive ROI.


Talk & Treats

Be inspired by a pioneering global leader; Meet up, sync up, get connected with speakers and peers, and the ARF Executive Leadership team; Find your tribe and build your network.

HOST: James Curleigh – Executive Vice President and President, the Levi's Brand,
Levi Strauss & Co.

Thursday November 13

Unlocking Cross-Platform: The Marketing Imperative

To stay relevant in today’s fast-paced world, today’s marketers and researchers need to have the latest data on cross-platform consumer media usage at their fingertips. In order to keep their jobs and make the right decisions as billions of dollars are poured into marketing analytics, they also have to know exactly how their advertising is performing across different media types and platforms.

Get the tools to deliver leading-edge cross-platform advertising and measurement today. Be inspired by the world’s most innovative advertisers and their paths to success, connect with industry experts to uncover their perspectives on key issues and find your tribe to discuss the inside track. Plus, learn from game-changing original ARF research that will drive growth for your business.


Meet & Greet Breakfast



Cross-Platform: From Consumer to C-Suite

Opening remarks and welcome.

Gayle Fuguitt – President & CEO, ARF


Bringing Buyers into the Audience Measurement Equation

Using purchase-based targeting & measurement solutions, marketers want to focus on finding buyers to drive sales. Datalogix’s Chief Analytics Officer Robin Opie will share why and how innovative brands are using purchase-based Buy-Through-Rate (BTR) and ROI metrics to connect brands to buyers across addressable media.

Robin Opie – Chief Analytics Officer at Datalogix


Cross-Channel Research: Facebook Focus

Advertisers need to understand how the Facebook platform affects the total media mix. To that end, Facebook has conducted several experiments that attempt to measure the interaction of the platform with other channels. In his presentation, Daniel will briefly describe some of these experiments and the initial research findings.

Daniel Slotwiner – Director, Marketing Science, Facebook


Don’t Let Social and Mobile Make Your Models Obsolete

Most advertisers simply aren’t able to compare the impact of their social and mobile campaigns to their traditional advertising. Be inspired by how today’s leading-edge marketers are reinventing their measurement initiatives to incorporate social and mobile data, enabling them to accurately calculate the effect of those channels and drive better decision-making across the marketing mix.

MODERATOR: E. Craig Stacey – Director of Research, New York University Stern Center for Measurable Marketing and Founding Partner, Marketing Productivity Group

Jessica Williams – Director, Global Innovation Marketing, Visa


Facing the Future: An Open Collective

The BBC operates in hugely diverse geographies at different stages of media and research development. Discover how it approaches audience measurement and the development of innovative solutions to its unique, global, cross-platform challenge.

Kevin Cowan – Insight Manager, BBC


Meet & Greet Break: Stories and Connections

Re-energize, find your tribe and build your network



Measuring the Cross-Platform Omnivore

Hear the ARF’s Cross–Platform Forum Lead explain why behavioral measurement is important for an accurate representation of cross-platform consumer behavior - and discover the latest insights on consumer behavior from the Blueprint cross-platform initiative.

Gian Fulgoni – Executive Chairman Emeritus, comScore


VOD in a Cross-Platform World

There has been tremendous recent growth in the video on demand (VOD) medium, with high levels of viewing as well as different timing of viewing to traditional DVR playback. Explore how VOD fits into the video cross-platform world.

Bruce Goerlich – Chief Research Officer, Rentrak


How Mobile is Changing Media

When it comes to cross-platform, mobile is the newest and perhaps most exciting part of the package for marketers. It’s also the scariest, with its lack of time-tested practices for what works… and what doesn’t. Measurement has finally stepped up to the mobile challenge. Hear from Nielsen about the latest insights on mobile viewing and advertising, including specifics on how marketers are making mobile work for them.

Kelly Abcarian – SVP, Watch Product Architecture, Nielsen


Networking Lunch

Find your tribe over lunch, share your thoughts on How Advertising Works, and get your game on with Electronic Arts.


Fast-Forward: Aligning Cross-Platform Metrics

For the first time, hear the results of the 2014 study from the Council for Research Excellence (CRE), exploring the issues which experts identify as most important for the development of a set of widely accepted industry cross-media metrics.

Joe Abruzzo – EVP, Chief Exploration Officer, Havas Media and Chair, CRE Media Consumption and Engagement Committee


Cross-Platform Future: The Agency Perspective

Join our industry’s most forward-thinking leaders in a discussion focused on how agencies currently plan and execute cross-platform campaigns, and how that will change as measurement – and the technology that underpins it – catches up to consumer behavior.

MODERATOR: Jane Clarke – Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)

Kevin Moeller – EVP, Head of Research NA at UM WW

Joe Abruzzo – EVP, Chief Exploration Officer, Havas Media and Chair, CRE Media Consumption and Engagement Committee

Margaret Coles – Group Director, Quantitative Strategy, Goodby Silverstein & Partners


Videobiquity™: Multiplatform Research Insights on the Changing TV Viewing Experience

Viewers now have more options than ever to watch their favorite shows, and while there are many similarities to traditional TV viewing, there are some emerging differences. ABC Research uses the many data sources at its disposal to tell the story of how and why those viewers consume content right now and what we can expect in the future, as ubiquitous video viewing behavior shifts both over screens and over time.

Lisa Heimann – VP, ABC/ABC Studio Multiplatform Research, Disney ABC


Meet & Greet Break: Stories and Connections

Re-energize, find your tribe and build your network.



How to Win the Cross-Media Marketing War!

Be inspired by a session designed to provide a strategic understanding of the benefits of linking cross-media viewing habits to actual purchase behavior, and gain hands-on knowledge of the steps necessary to begin deployment of critical software and services.

Srishti Gupta – President, Media, IRI


Single Source: Adding Depth to Consumer Segments

Learn from case studies that demonstrate how advertisers, agencies and media companies are using all-screen passive data to understand their target consumer segments' media consumption habits.

Charles Buchwalter – President and CEO, Symphony Advanced Media

Bill Harvey – Chairman and Founder, Bill Harvey Consulting


Stretch Break


Blurred Lines: Creating Content That Works

Finding the best way to communicate with your target consumer is one part art and one part science. As an emphasis on cross-screen viewing and digital has become a core part of brand communications, the lines between ads and content have blurred. Google and IPG Media Lab, the innovation arm of IPG Mediabrands, partnered to understand consumer perceptions and effectiveness of branded content and video advertising across a multitude of platforms.

Shelly Rose – Research Director, IPG Media Lab


Cross-Platform: From Special Project to Standard Practice

Explore this first-of-its-kind study into the ongoing dynamics of multi-platform campaigns on ESPN, through its 5-category, 24-brand tracker established in 2011. The tracker, which provides insight into cross-platform effectiveness, combines ESPN exposure data, campaign impressions, word of mouth information, and brand metrics data.

Barbara Singer – VP, Advertiser Insights & Strategy, ESPN


Closing Send-Off and Call to Action

Gayle Fuguitt – President & CEO, ARF