Vancouver ZoomerShow 2018

APRIL 14-15, 2018

This is a live plan and is subject to change.
Red colored squares represent booths secured.

Every effort will be made to keep your space as you selected, but you may have to be moved for better planning, logistics and flow of attendees.
For continuous updates on booth occupancy by vendor, please check our website at :

****PLEASE NOTE: If you are an island booth or an end cap booth, your back wall will be 8' H in the centre only,

and drop down to 3'H side rails, so that you do not obstruct the view of your neighboring booth.

No 8'H displays along the side walls are allowed, as this also obstructs the view of your neighboring booth.

No flammable or combustible materials allowed on the show floor.

No persons under the legal age of 16 allowed on the show floor during move in and move out times.

Thank You, 
Zoomer Media Team