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Submission Guidelines

General Information
All presentations will be digital in either PowerPoint or Keynote.
Speakers will be required to bring their presentations on CD/DVD, or USB stick with them to the conference. 

Your presentation must be given to the audio visual team 4 hours prior to the session. It is disruptive to be changing computer connections at the lectern.
All free papers are limited to 7 minutes. The duration of the talk will be enforced and you should practice and time your talk to ensure it is completed within this time frame. 

Companies that are either sponsoring or exhibiting are limited to one (1) abstract submission. Independent authors do not have a maximum number of submissions allowed.


Abstract Preparation
In previous meetings we have been able to include most submitted presentations however the number of papers submitted has increased and we are reducing the number of free papers accepted. This year we will be much stricter on the acceptance of papers. You will be required to indicate your disclosures and whether the presentation is industry supported or initiated. Submitted abstracts will be scrutinised. Papers not complying with this requirement will not be accepted or removed from the program if not complying.

Organise the abstract as follows:
Aim/purpose (preferably one sentence)
Conclusions (It is not satisfactory to state “The results will be discussed”)

Important Dates
14 Feb 2018 – Abstract submissions deadline
14 March 2018 – Successful authors will be notified out outcome