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PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting North America Speaker Toolkit

Welcome Leadership Institute Meeting presenters! We are most honored to have you speak at the PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting 2018 - North America! This toolkit page will provide you with up-to-date information related to your participation as a presenter at the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting 2018, 4-6 October, in Los Angeles, California. We encourage all presenters to check back often for helpful tips and updates to ensure a successful experience.

Questions? Contact

Event Location and Dates
4-6 October 2018
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90015
Important Dates

As we work together to develop a quality event, the Leadership Institute Team will work to meet established deadlines/timelines and ask that you do the same! Questions regarding this timeline can be addressed to

DateDetails and Deliverable(s)
Friday, 29 JuneDeadline for Acceptance of Presenter Status via the Leadership Institute Presenters Platform.

Tuesday, 17 July
12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET
Webinar: Resources to Support Your Success and What to Expect Onsite

20 July
Deadline to Submit Presentation Drafts via the Leadership Institute Presenters Platform.
If you are participating with a co-presenter or on a panel, the designated lead is responsible for submitting the draft.

26 July
Deadline for Confirmation of Final Session Details via the Leadership Institute Presenter Platform:
  • Session date and time
  • Edited session description
  • Designated PDUs

Week of 23 JulyEmail | Confirmation: Your PMI Leadership Institute Meeting North America Speaker Registration

6 - 8 AugustFeedback on Presentation Drafts provided via the Leadership Institute Presenter Platform

27 AugustDeadline for Upload of Final PowerPoint Presentation via EPAC

25 SeptemberEmail | Final Housekeeping Letter sent to presenters

4 - 6 October
PMI Leadership Institute Meeting 2018 - North America in Los Angeles, CA


Hotel, Travel & Visa Request

Travel and hotel expenses are the responsibility of the presenter.

VISA REQUEST: Presenters should confirm travel paperwork requirements to participate at the PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting as soon as possible. If a visa is required to travel to Los Angeles, CA, USA, please refer to your Registration email (to be delivered at the end of July) and access your registration to request an Embassy Letter. It is recommended that visa applications be sent to the appropriate Embassy at least six (6) weeks from the start date of the event.

Meeting Room

Meeting rooms will be set up with the following standard equipment. NOTE: Equipment may not be moved or personal devices used to deliver presentations.
  • Laptop (Windows-based) with audio sound (presenters may not use their own equipment in meeting room)
  • (1) LCD projector     
  • (1) Screen   
  • Appropriate speaker microphones on head table
  • (1) Wireless lavalier
  • (1) Flipchart
  • (1) Wireless microphone for audience participation
  • (1) Wireless mouse
    *Please note that if you are participating on a panel (2+ speakers), a long table and chairs will also be available at the front of the room.

Internet:  While there will be Wi-Fi in the venue, we recommend that any presentation in the LIM program not be dependent on Internet connectivity because of its unreliability, especially in a room that may contain at least 100+ people who have personal devices.  We want to ensure that a presentation is successful and not subject to any disruptions because of technical or connectivity difficulties.



PMI will grant each presenter a complimentary registration, and as a courtesy PMI will register you for the event.

By the week of 23 July, presenters will receive a notification when their registration has been processed. 

The registration includes: (3) breakfasts, (3) lunches, applicable receptions and breaks each day; access to Leaders Edge; and the ability to earn PDUs.


NOTE: Only registered participants may access the meeting rooms, Leaders Edge, or networking events. PMI is not able to accommodate requests to bring a guest or support staff to accompany presenters to a meeting room.


Onsite Speaker Practice Room

An onsite speaker practice room will be available to presenters. Presenters may use this space prior to delivering their formal presentation.
A printer will be available in the Speaker Ready Room for presenters only to print their notes if necessary.

Room location information will be specified at a later date.

Staff and Volunteer Room Monitor Responsibilities

PMI Staff Monitor Responsibilities

  • Represent PMI
  • Know your assignments - when and where you are expected to be.
    • If something happens that you cannot fulfill y our assignment or will be late, you must inform someone from the Volunteer Programs & Services staff as early as possible.
  • Take action to assure the room and the delegates are comfortable and safe
    • Clean: If a room needs to be serviced by housekeeping, contact a member of the Events team (this can take time; if it is just a few items, consider clearing it yourself).
    • Space: If a room is filling up, direct attendees to open seats. If all seats are taken, inform the session scanner not to allow any more people into the room; help delegates being turned away identify another session; do NOT crowd the room with additional chairs, allow people to sit on the floor or stand against the walls, as these may violate fire safety regulations. Also, please make sure the Volunteer Programs & Services team knows this happened so we can note the popularity of the session for future planning.
    • Temperature: Adjustments to temperature should be requested through a member of the Events team.
  • Assist in resolving any audio/video (AV) problems
    • There often is an AV person in the room or in an adjacent room; in the event there is not and problems arise, contact someone from the Volunteer Programs & Services or Events team immediately.
  • Assist as needed with the session. This could include any of the following:
    • Serve as the PMI representative in the room. This could include answering questions that are GHQ or PMI-related, or taking notes for proper follow-up if an issue or question arises that you cannot answer.
    • Assist the volunteer as needed in distributing handouts and other session material
  • If a session is being derailed by an unruly delegate, help to control the room and get the attention back on the intended focus of the presentation.
  • Communicate issues about session/speaker, e.g., speaker not prepared, session not well received; as well as session very well accepted, excellent speaker, etc., to Volunteer Programs & Services.

    ***Please pick up survey in Staff Office. Purpose of survey is to evaluate content and delivery of speaker.  Feedback submitted is for internal use only.  Please return completed surveys to designated area in Staff Office.***

PMI Staff Monitor Expectations

  • Arrive in the room 10-15 minutes prior to the start of the session
  • Identify yourself to the host chapter volunteer and the speaker(s)
  • Be aware during the session
    • Make note of issues that arise, such as complaints about a PMI-related product or service; communicate to the appropriate department
    • If necessary, help diffuse disruptions by suggesting topics be taken off-line so the presentation can continue
    • If necessary, remind attendees of the need to be courteous to their fellow volunteers

Volunteer Monitor Responsibilities

  • As the speaker if s/he has any needs or requests
  • Introduce the speaker(s)
  • Distribute handouts and session materials as needed
  • Record outcomes of polls or discussions if requested by the speaker
  • Act as mic runner or assist with communication in other ways as needed
  • Keep time for the speaker
  • Assist delegates with finding a seat if needed

Volunteer Monitor Expectations

  • Arrive to the room 15 minutes before the start of the session
  • Bring the speaker bio with you
  • Ask the speaker: do they want to be introduced, do they want a time reminder?
  • Find out from the speaker if there is any other assistance they need to support the session


PowerPoint Presentation

Click here to download the official PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting PowerPoint Presentation Template. Presenters are requested to use the official template for their draft and final presentations.

IMPORTANT: As you prepare presentation, please note that due to the technology being used for the event, presenters will not be able to view their presentation notes via PowerPoint on the meeting room laptop. This is due to the onsite presentation management system that will be used to collect and dispatch presentations from the onsite Speaker Ready Room. Presenters are encouraged to print out their notes prior to arriving at the LIM.

If you are participating on a panel or as a co-presenter, please coordinate with the lead presenter designated in your proposal, as the lead presenter is responsible for submitting the presentation.

Presentation Preparation

  • Draft Presentation: Presenters will provide a draft of their presentation by close of business on Friday, 20 July. Draft presentations will be uploaded via the Leadership Institute Presenters Platform, and will be reviewed by appropriate PMI Staff. Presenters will receive feedback by Monday, 6 August
  • Copyright and Citing References: If you plan to reference or cite materials that are not your original work, please reference it on the slide or in a summary slide using APA as a style guide.

Uploading Final Presentations

  • Final presentations will be due Monday, 27 August. Instructions on how to upload presentations will be delivered prior to the 27 August deadline.
  • Updates: Presenters are encouraged to keep updates and edits to a minimum after submitting the final presentation.
  • Backup File: Remember to bring a copy of your presentation file(s) to Los Angeles, including any handouts and videos on a USB as a backup.
  • Final PPT: Your final PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded to your meeting room laptop and converted as a PDF for pre-event access by participants.
    Please use the recommended naming convention: Session#_LastName_FirstName-presentation_v1.ppt (ex. 101_Smith_John-presentation_v1.ppt)
    NOTE: In the event that it is necessary to make any updates to your original presentation, identifying the document version is important. This will help to ensure that the most up to date version is displayed in the meeting room. Your original document will be version 1 (_v1, as noted above), and subsequent versions will be identified as version 2 (_v2), version 3 (_v3), etc.
  • Handout(s): If you have handout materials you would like to share with participants, a file may be uploaded which will be converted to PDF (if not already) and included for download with your PDF presentation.
    Please use the recommended naming convention: Session#_LastName_FirstName-handout#_v1 (ex. 101_Smith_John-handout1_v1.doc, 101_Smith_John-handout2_v1.doc)
  • Video(s): If you plan on sharing a video with your presentation, please plan to upload a video file. Wireless internet connection bandwidth is not guaranteed; therefore, having a video file will ensure your presentation is ready when delivered.
    Please use the recommended naming convention: Session#_LastName_FirstName-video_v1 (ex. 101_Smith_John-video_v1.mp4)


Onsite Management

  • IMPORTANT: Please note that due to the technology being used for the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting, presenters will not be able to view their presentation notes via PowerPoint on the meeting room laptop. This is due to the onsite presentation management system that will be used to collect and dispatch presentations from the onsite Speaker Ready Room. Presenters are encouraged to print out their notes in advance of the session. A printer will be available in the Speaker Ready Room for presenters only to print their notes if necessary.
  • Updates to Presentation: Presenters are encouraged to refrain from making any edits once you have uploaded your file by 27 August. If it is absolutely necessary to make edits to your final presentation, please bring your revised presentation on a USB to the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours prior to your presentation time in order for PMI Staff to coordinate with the meeting room laptop.
  • Recording: Recording of sessions is not permitted, nor will sessions be recorded by PMI. Please refrain from bringing equipment to record your presentation, as most venues have strict policies regarding video equipment being brought into the facility.

PDU Information

As a Presenter, you may claim PDUs as a self-reported activity. You will be able to submit for PDUs (0.25 PDU for each 15 minutes of activity). Log into the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements System (CCRS) with your username and password, and click "Report PDUs". Your PDUs should be claimed under "Share Knowledge".

If you attend any other session that has PDU allocations, you will be able to claim these PDUs.


Social Media

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Alert your network about your participation in this year's Leadership Institute Meeting. Raising awareness will increase visibility of your session.

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Be sure to follow @PMIevents and @PMInstitute for all of the latest updates, and use #PMILIM in promotions for your upcoming presentation!

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All Leadership Institute Meeting presenters are encouraged to attend the webinar on Tuesday, 17 July at 12 p.m. ET, which will provide useful information related to your role as a presenter. If you are unable to attend, a recording will be made available for access and included on this page.