Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I submit an abstract?

To submit an abstract your must first create a submitter profile. You can sign up here.
Once you have created your profile and logged in, you can access the submission form by clicking on "My Submissions" on the top navigation bar. Then select "ADD NEW" to submit a new abstract.

Abstracts must be submitted through our online submission portal. Please note email submissions will not be accepted.

Can I submit an abstract on behalf of someone else?

Yes. If you are submitting on behalf of an author, please make sure to specify the author's details on the submission form. If you do not include an author list, we will assume the submitter is the author.

What is the difference between the author types?

First Author is the lead author of the abstract. He or she will be listed first in case of publication.
Co-author(s) are the additional authors who've contributed to the abstract.
Presenting Author is the designated presenter to attend the congress and present the abstract, should it be accepted. The presenter can be either the First Author, or one the Co-Authors.

My abstract has multiple authors. How do I correctly include them all in my submission?

The submission form has an author list field. Click on "ADD NEW" to include up to 12 authors. Please make sure to list the authors in your preferred citation order.

What is an affiliation?

The affiliation refers to institution the author is affiliated to. This can be a research institution, a university, a hospital or another type of organization. If more than one author have the same affiliation, please make sure to use the same spelling for citation consistency.

What is the word limit?

Abstracts must not be longer than 350 words. The title is not included in this count. Graphs and tables will count for 50 words towards the total word count.
Submission that go beyond this word limit will be rejected.

How do I edit or remove my abstract submission?

Submissions can be edited or removed up until the submission deadline on February 25, 2019.
After this date, edits will not longer be accepted. Withdrawals can be requested by writing to before the review process begins on February 28, 2019.

I haven't received a status notification. How do I know if my abstract has been accepted?

Notifications of acceptance will begin to be sent out starting on March 18, 2019. Please note notifications are sent to the submitter only. It is the submitter's responsibility to inform the authors of any relevant updates.

Please make sure to check your junk mail. If you have not received your status notification by March 28, 2019 please contact

What is the difference between an oral and a poster presentation?

Abstracts that are accepted will be presented in one of the two formats below.

Oral Presentation (Free Paper)

Oral presentations are usually 10 minutes in length, and will be followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers. Oral presentations are automatically eligible for the Henri Horoszowski Award. Presentations will be reviewed by an appointed committee of judges and the Henri Horoszowski Award recipient will be announced on the final day of the Congress. Presenting authors will be notified about presentation time once the abstract is accepted as a free paper.

Poster Presentation
Posters will be displayed from Friday, May 10th to Sunday, May 12th, 2019. In addition to presenting a printed poster during the Congress, poster presenters may be asked to submit a PDF or PowerPoint version for online viewing.

*Please note that an accepted abstract is not a guarantee of publication. Selection of abstracts for publication will be based on the rating received during the review process.