International Grower of the Year Awards 2019
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Please note that all sections of the submission
must be completed before final submission for the entry to be valid.

Any submissions which have not been completed not be considered for shortlisting and the entrant will be contacted to provide further details.

A guide to the submission procedure is available, click here.

A copy of the questions for the submission process is available, click here.

Deadline for submissions - 13 August 2018

Rules that apply to all entrants are as follows:

The company entering must be primarily operating as a wholesale grower of plants.

The submission must be completed by a person working for the business. You may have help from people outside the business (for example your accountant might provide your financial information), but the form should be compiled and checked by a member of staff

You are permitted to enter more than one category. You will be required to fill in a separate submission for each entry.

All materials submitted must be in ENGLISH*. If you submit any documents in another language (e.g. press cuttings) then the judges may not be able to read this. AIPH offer a translation service if English is not your native language and would advise the use of this to ensure the sentiment of what is written will come across clearly to the judges.

All materials and information submitted (with the exception of client names and locations and budgets) must be free of restrictions of reproduction so it can be used in the promotion of your work and of the Awards, should you win.

*If English is not your native language and you are not fluent, we would advise completing your entry in your native language and paying a fee for a professional translation service. This will ensure your entry remains accurate and that the information provided comes across clearly to the judges. You can also receive all documents such as the instructions on how to enter and the full rules in your language. If you wish to enter and receive documents in your native language please contact