Welcome to the WERC 2020 Conference Session Proposal Submission Site


Session proposals are currently being accepted through August 28, 2019.
FAQs AT A GLANCE (Complete FAQs and Terms & Conditions here)
  • Practitioners (AKA Shippers or First Parties) are encouraged to submit session proposals
  • Suppliers and Consultants are also permitted to submit proposals but are REQUIRED to include a customer/practitioner/shipper in their proposal as a co-presenter to be considered and commercialism in sessions is strictly prohibited.
  • Proposals from PR or marketing firms are not permitted
  • Special consideration is given to current WERC members, corporate members, certified facilities, solutions partners and volunteers
  • Full Conference registration is required of all speakers
  • Registration discounts for speakers are:
            For Thought Leader Sessions, a discount of $250 off the prevailing rate
            For P2P Discussion Session facilitators, a discount of $150 off the prevailing rate
  • Standard registration rates will range from $995 to $2,500 per person depending on membership status and category (Practitioner, 3PL, Supplier or Consultant, Educator, Solutions Partner, Sponsor, etc.)
  • Complimentary speaker registration is not available
  • Your proposal will be evaluated, in large part, based on the proposed speakers. If your proposal is accepted, should any of the speakers change or cancel, your session will be subject to reconsideration by the Conference Committee.
  • Exact session time slots will be assigned in February 2020 and cannot be guaranteed in advance.


You're welcome to submit a proposal on any topic you believe would be valuable to the WERC Conference audience, however,
WERC is particularly interested in receiving proposals on the following industry challenges:  
People/Labor Management
  • Attracting and Retaining People/Labor/Talent (including drivers)
  • Labor Shortage: Temps, Part-Time & Full-Time
  • Creating Solutions & Solving them with People (Alternative work force)
  • Getting People to Optimize their hours
  • Leadership Development; Changing; Succession Planning
Reliability, Constraints & Resiliency of the Supply Chain
  • How to handle "spikes" in Demand - Systems and People
  • Resource Constraints: How to accomplish “work” with these constraints
  • Working with what I have… limited labor, systems that are not integrated…
  • Speed to market (2-day delivery)
  • Tariffs and how they’re impacting the supply chain 
  • Awareness of available types of automation
  • Value Equation
  • Systems - How to integrate
  • What is out there
  • How to make it happen
 Creating Actionable Data
  • Using data to make decisions
  • Creating visibility across the supply chain

Session Info

  • Working Session Title
  • Primary & Secondary Topic Area
    • Health Care / Pharma
    • IT & Software
    • Manufacturing 
    • Material Handling
    • Metrics / KPIs
    • Outsourcing
    • People
    • Processes
    • Real Estate / Facilities
    • Retail or Wholesale
    • Reverse Logistics
    • Strategies
    • Transportation
    • Women @ WERC
  • Session Description (max 60 words)
  • Three (3) Specific Participant Takeaways (max 25 words each)


  • Speakers who have all agreed to participate and abide by WERC's terms and conditions
  • Full Name, Title, Company, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Category & Business Type for all proposed speakers

  1. Download and review the complete FAQs and Terms & Conditions here(You'll be required to accept the Terms & Conditions on behalf of all proposed speakers.)
  2. Click "Login" above
  3. Select "New User" to create a 2020 profile (This is different from your WERC membership profile and your 2019 submission profile.)
  4. Click the "Submissions" tab that will become available after you've created your profile
  5. Add as many new submissions as you'd like. You may save and continue later. Your submission is not complete until you click "Save & Submit"
  6. Return to this page to login and edit your profile and submissions or create new submissions at any time prior to August 28, 2019.

Note: If you're submitting a proposal but do not intend to be one of the speakers in the session, at the bottom of your submission page, when adding applicants/speakers, you may change your own "Applicant Type" to "Admin" from the default of "Speaker".

Your proposal will be reviewed by the Conference Committee and evaluated based on the following criteria. 

  • Level (Intermediate to advanced)
  • Audience Appeal
  • Topic Timeliness
  • Topic Relevance/Clear Take-aways
  • Absence of Commercialism


  • Practitioner Inclusion
  • Recognized leaders in the industry
  • Speaker(s) Level appropriate to the topic
  • WERC Engagement
  • Speaker/s Membership Status
  • Company Corporate Membership or Solutions Partner Status