Welcome to the International Dyslexia Association's (IDA)  Program Review and Accreditation online application portal.  This submission requirements of the portal mirror those found in the IDA Program Review and Accreditation Handbook.

IDA's Program Review and Accreditation initiative is unique to other accrediting models in that it is promotes the systematic evaluation and refinement of educator preparation programs against IDA’s research-based Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS) for Teachers of Reading.

When an educator preparation program displays the IDA Accredited Program seal and advertises itself as an IDA Accredited Program, the public is assured that program completers have engaged a rigorous, standards-based preparation program designed to promote candidate mastery of the principles and practices of Structured Literacy™

For select programs awarded Accredited Program PLUS recognition, the public is assured that program graduates have engaged intensive supervised practicum experiences that were sufficiently designed and staffed to promote applied mastery of the principles and practices of Structured Literacy™ in the service of preventing reading failure and remediating off-track readers with profiles characteristic of/identifications of Dyslexia.

Value of IDA Program Accreditation

IDA Program Accreditation provides a framework for educator preparation programs to engage in ongoing self-assessment and refinement with focused attention on preparing classroom ready educators who possess the requisite knowledge and skill to prevent reading failure and to remediate off-track readers, including those with Dyslexia.

Superintendents understand the critically important role that educators graduating from IDA Accredited Programs can play in preventing reading failure and in remediating off-track readers and readers with disabilities characteristic Dyslexia. Understandably, they take pride in being able to advertise that a strong percentage of their faculty and staff have graduated from – or completed a course of training through- an IDA Accredited Program.

K-12 students are most affected by IDA Program Accreditation because graduates of accredited programs will be developing, delivering, monitoring and refining K-12 students’ reading and language arts programming.

When an educator graduates from an IDA Accredited Program, parents are assured that their child’s reading and language arts needs are being met by a professional whose training was directed by an educational program committed to standards-based excellence in reading education.

Submission and Review Calendar

The IDA Program Review and Accreditation initiative accepts applications three times per year: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Successful applications are awarded IDA Program Accreditation for a period of five years from the date the decision letter is issued. The following calendar summarizes key submission and reporting deadlines:

Fees and Accreditation Window

IDA Program Review and Accreditation Fees are applied to support Educator Training Initiatives, with an emphasis on strengthening the program accreditation process and improving/expanding the supports, services, and resources offered to accredited programs. Specifically, fees are used to support the personnel and non-personnel costs associated with the accreditation initiative. Members of the Program Accreditation Review Team receive no monetary compensation, but do receive a complimentary professional membership with IDA. Every effort is made to follow prudent management practices to restrain costs while providing high quality services to the community.