Deadlines for speakers

  • 20 Apr    Abstract submissions close
  • 30 May   Program information and speaker presentation notifications sent
  • 6 Jul      Speaker registration close
  • 9 Nov   Presentation visuals due
  • 12 Nov   Speaker paper/presentations delegate notes due
How to submit an abstract

Note: Please use Google Chrome or Firefox browser - not Internet Explorer if possible.  
You may experience difficulties if you use older versions of Internet Explorer i.e. not all buttons may appear on your screen and you may not be able to complete you submission.

Steps to submit your abstract:

Create a new profile
1.   To create a login profile click here  
2.   Once you have completed your details and created a password select the save button,  a message will appear at the top of the your screen "YOUR ARE CURRENTLY LOGGED IN"
3.   You can now add your submissions.
Submission page
4.   Now that you have a profile and are logged in -  select the Submission tab at the top of the page.
5.   Now that you are on the submission page - select add new located under the "Your submissions" heading. 
6.   You will be required to complete and upload your abstract, biography, photo and a few other presentation details. 
7.   Ensure you selected save and continue regularly so that you don't loose information - if you leave your computer sit idol for an extended period you may loose this information. 
8.   When you're happy with the final detail select save and submit button.       To submit more than one abstract - repeat the above steps from number 4.

    Note: Please keep your login details should you wish to log back in at a later stage.

ogging back in to an existing profile to add/amend submission
        1.   Select the Login tab at the top of the page
        2.   Enter your email address and password
        3.   If you can't remember your password select "Forgot password" located under the login details.
        4.   Once you have logged in a message will appear at the top of the your screen "YOUR ARE CURRENTLY LOGGED IN"  you are now able to add and check your submissions.