Constituent Advisory Committee (CAC)

Candidates interested in applying for a position on the ADHA Constituent Advisory Committee (CAC) must submit a complete bio-data form and upload the required supplemental materials. Please submit your completed form and supplemental materials by Friday, November 17, 2017.  

To begin the process click on the Login button above. If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact ADHA at  
The following list is requisite and skill sets needed to be a part of the ADHA Constituent Advisory Committee (CAC):

  • CAC Members must serve or have served in a constituent leadership position
  • Solid working knowledge of the tri-partite and charter agreements
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to think strategically on behalf of all constituents and in advancement of ADHA's strategic plan
  • Demonstrate ability as a coach and/or mentor
  • Ability to work within a virtual committee environment
  • Demonstrate team building skills
  • Strong technology skills (i.e. facilitating Zoom meetings, navigating ADHA Members-only website, etc.)
  • Past President or past constituent officers
  • Flexible schedule and commitment to attend meetings

Additional supplemental information needed:

  • ADHA Member ID
  • Photo
  • Copy of current dental hygiene license
  • Résumé
  • Short Answer Question (500 words or less) - Please describe why you feel your experience and skill set would benefit this position

Charge of the Committee
  • Support/coach states through the reporting process
  • Assist ADHA with assessing, ensuring and communicating on compliance issues, as needed
  • Help ADHA assess and prioritize constituent needs
  • Provide input and review state resources
  • Assist in reviewing updates and additions to the Guide to the Constituent Charter Agreement
  • Facilitate any future proposed amendments to the Charter Agreement or Addendum based upon input from constituents or the Board of Trustees

Terms & Appointments
  • The CAC is a standing committee comprised of constituent leaders; one from each district for a total of 12 members
  • CAC Members must serve or have serves in a constituent leadership position
  • Appointments are for two years. Members may serve for up to two consecutive terms (four years total)
  • The committee will be determined by each district. The ADHA district trustees will inform ADHA central office of their chosen appointment process.