Rosie Wall Community Spirit Grant

Program Eligibility Requirements

Applicants who are licensed dental hygienists or students pursuing a dental hygiene degree are eligible. 

Current ADHA Institute Board of Directors and ADHA Board of Trustees may not apply for the Rosie Wall Community Spirit Grant.

Members of the Community Service Grant Review Committee may not apply as principal investigators but may do so in another capacity (i.e. secondary investigators, mentors, etc.)

Eligibility for this grant allows a practicing dental hygienist, group of hygienists, or an interdisciplinary team of professionals including a dental hygienist and/or dental hygiene student to apply with these considerations:

  • Demonstrate involvement in outstanding activities with a community health program or project, which may include dental, medical and/or mental health enhancement
  • Illustrate that health education is one element of the project
  • Show that these activities enhance the public view of the professional role dental hygienists play in health improvement.

Grant Selection Criteria

The ADHA Institute for Oral Health Community Service Grant Review Committee will use the following unweighted selection criteria to evaluate applications using the POAER  (Problem, Objectives, Actions, Evaluation, Resources) Model as indicated below to ensure you are including all of the required information when completing the application.


1. Clearly describes and documents the need for the project.

2. Offers a creative and contemporary approach to this endeavor.


1. Presents a clear and logical planning process.


1. Presents a clear and logical implementation process with strong preventive and educational components.


1.  Presents a clear and logical evaluation process.


1.  Presents a clear and sound budget identifying how the requested grant funds will be utlized.
2.  Demonstrates sustainability after the grant period ends.