Healthy Start for Texas Teeth Community Service Grant

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Grant monies are for community-based fluoride varnish programs for unserved and underserved populations in Texas
  • Minimum number of varnish applications is 2 per person within a 12-month period
  • Minimum number of participants to receive varnish is 200
  • Maximum administrative costs for the program must not exceed 25% of the total award amount (i.e. $250.00)
  • Fluoride varnish program must include an educational component

  • Program must include a collaborative partnership between 3 or more entities (e.g. TDHA, Head Start, and Dental Hygiene School) 

  • Program must demonstrate an effort to refer participants to a dental home


Selection Criteria

The ADHA Institute for Oral Health Community Service Grant Review Committee will use the following unweighted selection criteria to evaluate applications using the POAER Model:


1. Clearly describes and documents the need for the project.

2. Offers a creative and contemporary approach to this endeavor.


1. Presents a clear and logical planning process.


1. Presents a clear and logical implementation process with strong preventive and educational components.


1.  Presents a clear and logical evaluation process.


1.  Presents a clear and sound budget identifying how the requested grant funds will be utlized.
2.  Demonstrates sustainability after the grant period ends.


View the entire application prior to beginning the application submission process.