Points of Light provides complimentary Audio Visual Standard Set for your workshop session. Basic set-up includes 1 podium with microphone, 2 wired table top microphones, LCD projector, 1 wireless slide advancer, 1 screen, 1 sound system with mixer and audio, 1 water service for lectern, 1 head table with two chairs, 1 materials table and 1 registration table with two chairs).
Please Note: the submission period for additional AV requests is now closed.

You must bring your laptop and materials to your presentation. Please bring the necessary adaptors to connect your laptop to the projector.
Important Deadlines:

  • February 20 – Lead presenter registers all speakers for Conference
  • April 13 – Confirm presenters and send bios and headshots to speaker@pointsoflight.org. Include session ID (SID) in email subject line.
  • May 29 – Deadline to receive discounted pricing for additional audio visual equipment
  • June 1 – Deadline for session materials to be uploaded to the Registration system.

Speaker registration instructions will be sent to the lead presenter email listed for each session, please review instructions for guidance and password. To ensure waived registration, the lead presenter will register first and add all additional speakers into the registration system.

If you have already registered and would like to log into your account, please click HERE. You will need your reference number located in your confirmation email.

Friday, June 1 – Deadline for session materials to be uploaded to the Registration system. PowerPoint templates for each track/path.

Conf18 - General workshop level PPT
Building Resilient Communities Path - KeyBank logo
Global Path - Disney logo

  • Please note that files cannot be larger than 50MB. Please upload files in Microsoft office format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Presenters are responsible for preparing, printing and distributing collateral at your session. You can upload documents during the registration process that will be available for attendees post-conference on the Session Locator.

To view the number of registrants in your session, please click HERE.
Username: Speaker, Password: POL2018

Check back frequently, as we will continue to post updates and session registration count reports. If you have questions, please contact us. Be sure to include the session ID (SID) of your session in all communications.

Speaker Ready Room

A speaker ready room will be available in the Omni Atlanta Hotel in Maple C of the South Tower for your use should you need a quiet space to prepare for your session. A projector and screen will be in the room.

Omni Room Setup

To accommodate the maximum number of participants per session, rooms will be set up in rounds.