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Welcome to the Application Site for the 2018 Ones to Watch Award

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About the Ones to Watch Awards
Presented at the AGENDA18 Conference and sponsored by CIO and the CIO Executive Council, the Ones to Watch awards spotlight rising technology leaders who have what it takes to become strategic, C-level business technology executives of tomorrow. Potential candidates have a track record of success, an essential blend of communication and collaboration skills, and a keen understanding of business goals. 

Currently, they are:
  • VP-, director- or manager-level professionals who have completed one or more strategic projects that demonstrate their leadership abilities
  • Responsible for managing either projects or team members (or both)
  • Those who have not yet attained a C-level position at any organization of which they have been a part 
  • Recognized as future leaders by their department chief, who must recommend them for the award. 

Individuals can win the Ones to Watch (OTW) award only once at their current organization. No more than two individuals at any organization can be honored in the same year.

Why Apply?
The prestigious Ones to Watch award is a personal leadership award. It’s an opportunity for senior leaders to publicly recognize those who routinely go above and beyond in delivering value to their organization and your business – therein helping with morale, motivation and retention, as well as recruitment efforts. Moreover, it’s an incentive for others in the organization to step up for new challenges.

Winners are named in a press release and receive their award during a complimentary gala award ceremony at the AGENDA18 conference taking place March 19-21, 2018 in Miami. Winners and their executive sponsor both receive complimentary passes to the full 2-day conference.

How to Apply
All nominations must be made online via a completed Ones to Watch questionnaire. They must be endorsed by the department’s senior executive. The entry may come from: 
A candidate’s senior executive or department manager 
A candidate’s peer(s)
The candidate themselves. 

There is no fee to apply for the award.

How We Judge the Awards
Members of the CIO Executive Council and past winners of the CIO 100 award review and score each application, specifically looking at career history, current responsibilities and demonstrated leadership accomplishments. Award winners are not ranked.

Applications open: July 31 – October 30 
Nominees notified: Week of November 27, 2017
Press release date: Week of December 4, 2017
Conference date: March 19-21, 2018, Miami, FL
Award ceremony: March 21, 2018, Miami, FL

Privacy & Confidentiality  
Ones to Watch applications will be used solely for the purposes of judging the awards and event speaker recruitment. Your contact information may be used to market Council and CIO content and programs.

Judging results are confidential and will not be shared.

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