Jessica's House


February 13, 2019
Thank you for all your comfort and support during this difficult time. This was the best place for our mother to be in her final days and moments. We cannot express our gratitude more. During our short time here, we all felt the comfort from all the staff, which is exactly what Sue wanted. Love, Thank-you.
Travis, Luke and Melissa and Family

February 7, 2019
We give our love, our thanks and our never-ending gratitude to the staff of Jessica's House and to every person who played a role in creating this amazing facility. Our mom, Marg Love, was here for a short time but it made such a big difference in her final days. She was very happy to come and the fact that Dad could spend their final night together meant the world to all of us. Thanks to the staff for being so kind, so understanding and so welcoming. Lots of love,
Jim Love and Family

December 13, 2018
The family of Linda Smith would like to thank all the staff at Jessica's House for the wonderful care our mom and our family received. We cannot thank you enough.
Linda, Sarka, Nick and family

November 26, 2018
We are so grateful that our mom was able to spend her last days at Jessica's House. The care, compassion and understanding provided by the staff for our mom and the entire family was amazing. The facility and care were "second to none". Jessica's House was a total "God-send". It would be so nice is every town had a facility like this.
Mary, Dar, John, Randy, Wendy and families

November 13, 2018
You are all amazing. Thank-you for taking care of my mom June. And helping me through this hard time.

November 7, 2018
Jessica's House was a wonderful place for my mother to spend her remaining time. She felt safe and comfortable and at home. Everyone was extremely warm and caring. We are so lucky to have this facility. We cannot thank you all enough.
Love, Tristen, Ben, Noel and family

August 30, 2018
Wow! Jessica's House is a God-send. The staff are compassionate and the volunteers are beautiful and caring too. The building is so accommodating and has a "cabin in the woods" feeling to it as we look out at the trees and paths. So well thought out. Thank you!! What a dignified, beautiful place to spend with our mom for her end-of-life journey to heaven. So grateful,
Cecile Muller

August 12, 2018
Jessica's House is a beautiful peaceful place. The staff was extraordinary. The volunteers took good care of me. Thank you for caring for my friend Kathy. She is a special person and friend.
Susan R.

July 16, 2018
Jessica's House is a God send to have such a place that offers such love and care to the families in a time of loss and grief. Thank you to the staff and volunteers who go above and beyond in their service. We are very thankful to have had such a place to spend the last days with our husband and father.
Marion Armstrong and Family

July 6, 2018
What a beautiful setting for our dad, Claire Deichert to be in his final days. We were blessed to have the support of all of the staff and volunteers who so caringly made sure dad was comfortable and allowed us to share stories, sing songs, and just be together while we celebrated his life. This morning we were able to take him outside in his bed so he could feel the sun on his face, a light breeze and hear the birds sing. We would not have been able to do that if we were not here. The community is very lucky to have this wonderful service.
Thank you so much for everything.
Anne Keller

July 2, 2018
As the first family to have had the privilege to be here for our beloved Howie, the experience and care he received from the staff and volunteers was truly amazing; the compassions for us and Howie was heart warming. This place and the people who have made it happen is a true testament to what this community is all about. With so many thanks,
Roselynn Gottschalk & Elli Cohen