Analyzing Amazon: A new view

Analyzing Amazon: A new view

“If your business is moving further online, chances are it’s moving further to Amazon. Keeping current with the industry’s largest most innovative player is critical.” 

Customer, competitor, or collaborator you’ll get a new perspective on Amazon’s culture, its place in the academic market, and what its network of start-ups means to you and your business. 

Wednesday, January 15

8:35am Main Stage
Businessweek contributor and Amazon insider Brad Stone walks us through the halls and behind the thinking of Amazon – and its creator Jeff Bezos. Stone will share his unique understanding of Amazon beyond the pages of his popular – and controversial – book “The Everything Store”. 

8:50am Main Stage
Listen to analyst Benedict Evans and you’ll come away with unique insight on the biggest player in our industry. Knowing its many its complex parts is as important as knowing the .com customer we work all with. Evans will deconstruct the many acquisitions, partnerships, and subsidiaries to help you get to know the real Amazon. 

9:05am Main Stage
Former publishing executive and consultant Joseph Esposito uncovers yet another facet of Amazon. The Company is quickly making strides into the Academic and K-12 market and aim to own it. Acquisitions of education software companies, libraries using the site as their principle sourcing method, plus the Company’s rich customer-base: Amazon is well on its way. What you need to know.  

9:15am Main Stage
Moderated by Mike Shatzkin, Conference Council Chair, Stone, Evans, and Esposito again take the stage for a panel discussion around what the future holds for Amazon and the publishing business.

Change is Good: Change Management for Today’s Book Publisher

“If you're working at a Company and see changes that need to be made and you have no way to suggest/affect change, you're at a broken company. You're frustrated; and your company doesn't stand a chance. Change can’t always originate from the C-Suite: it has to come from the ‘rank & file’ and C-Suite needs to embrace it. Everyone needs to be a change agent especially in an industry in transition like ours.” 

Carolyn Pittis has been on the cutting edge of organizational change in publishing for more than 25 years, leading many change efforts at HarperCollins. With that perspective, she has developed a structured view of how change can – and should – be effected in organizations, and particularly in book publishers. Hear from panelists from publishing houses and other leading media companies that have faced and met these challenges by addressing the keys to change: people, process, and technology. 

Tuesday, January 14

8:50am Main Stage 
This main stage session will address organizational imperatives: clear goal-setting, and fostering a culture of learning, innovation, and entrepreneurship across your house 

1:30pm Breakout
Build a publishing team for the future, one vastly different from the past, and from today. Learn which jobs and functions are needed, and which are no longer viable as is in today’s world.  

2:30am Breakout
Real world examples to become more agile, increase your workflow collaboration, and drive speed to market. Learn these best practices to seize opportunity, survive, and thrive. 

Tuesday 4:00pm Breakout
If you’re saddled with legacy systems, and your team struggles to modernize antiquated processes, these new options will help you make informed choices about where to invest your time and your Company’s money.

Start-Ups & You: Worth the investment?

“Start-Ups don't understand our business; we don’t need another ‘Netflix for Ebooks’. Publishers are hopelessly set in their ways and won’t experiment. There’s frustration in both camps. Digital Book World will bring together the divide when it comes to thinking about start-ups, collaboration, and investing.” 

Find out the results of the Digital Book World Start-up surveys, then, get real talk from publishers, industry start-ups, and the investors who back them. Panels address what publishers look for in start-ups, and what start-ups need from publishers to collaborate. And investment capital firms share what makes them ‘get out the checkbook’. 

Tuesday, January 14

8:50am Main Stage 
Mike Shatzkin, Conference Council Chair, reports on the Digital Book World surveys results (one of start-ups and one with biz dev departments in publishing houses) and sets the stage for talks about investing and collaboration.

1:30pm Breakout
Successful investors will share what they look for when investing in new companies and technology. What’s on the horizon, and how does it impact the publishing business? Find out the most current views on investing in publishing innovation at this session.

2:30pm Breakout
Hear what problems start-ups are working to solve for the publishing industry and what opportunities they provide, and how you can work with these new industry players.

4:00pm Breakout
On the flip side of the coin, this panel features publishers whose job it is to assess start-ups. What they’re looking for, the best pitches, and how they persuade their bosses it’s worth the risk. This session is for anyone who wants to learn more about bringing these groups together.